15 Effective Ways to Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is our sixth sense that can help us figure out things without any conscious thinking. It is connected with higher levels of consciousness. You must have experienced intuition knowingly and unknowingly several times in your life. For instance, you were thinking about an old school friend, and bumped into him the next morning. Or you were thinking about an old favorite song, and your heart is someone playing at the bookstore.

Intuition Definition

So what is the definition of intuition? Precisely, “Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.”

Intuition has nothing to do with external elements; it probes more into your internal thoughts and feelings. You don’t give intuition; you receive it. They arrive in your mind at perfect timing. However, intuition cannot be downloaded or bought from a store. You need to sharpen it like an instrument or shape it up like a body muscle. When you acknowledge and are grateful for your intuition. It helps you seek guidance about life and interpret your dreams and the signs you notice.

If you want to strengthen this intuition, you can find the following effective and easy ways to do so. Remember you need to practice them consistently, and only then can you notice the difference in your intuitive powers.

How to Develop Intuition?

1. Believe in your gut feeling

How often do you experience and trust your gut feeling? Maybe, never. You simply take it as a nagging thought and do not pay attention to it. For instance, you are going out with a person with whom you connect and feel they are your soulmate. The person talks to your sweetly and is there for you all the time. But still, you feel a little anxious when you are with them. Maybe, when they are on a call with someone, you feel they are avoiding you and cheating on you. That’s what your gut is saying. If you feel comfortable, pause the matter and give it a second thought. Know more about the person or the opportunity you currently have. Maybe, there is something fishy you need to know.

2. Relax and meditate

Meditation cannot be done in a jiffy when you are doing the household chores or when you are trying to focus on an important project. Relax your mind first, form a routine, and practice meditation. Take the help of guided meditations, apps, a guru, or sign up for a program. When your thoughts calm down, you can recognize the signs and the guidance attached to them. However, if you do not meditate or do not let the train of thoughts stop, you will resist the signs and guidance and remain messed up with life.

3. Be mindful of the present events

Do you daydream about your life often and lose track of what’s going on in life? Or do you lose in the past trauma and find it challenging to focus on the present? Well, you need to learn to be in the present moment and be mindful of it. Put an effort while observing the surroundings for a while. When you are in the present, you seek sensory information and sharpen your sixth sense. Make a mental note of the messages you receive and the mode of receiving them.

4. Utilize constructive tools to elevate your intuitive abilities

When you cannot do with your mind, take the help of constructive tools such as tarot cards, writing, journaling, scripting, art, music, creativity, crystals, tea leaves, or anything that you truly believe in. You will get the sign that works for you, don’t worry. However, do not rely completely on the tools, or you might fail to utilize your mind constructively. Intuition does not lie in the tools; it is in you, and hence, use these tools as supporting instruments and not make yourself dependent on them.

5. Ask the Universe for signs

This is such a simple tip, yet we do not recognize the art of asking for what you want. Signs help you seek clarity and take the desired action. When you ask the Universe for signs, they know you are emitting positivity and are looking for hope. You believe in the powers of the Universe, and that’s why you are asking for signs. It strengthens your intuition naturally as the Universe builds a bond with your mind.

6. Take mindful action

When the Universe sends you signs, you need to take action according to them and not just sit idle and let the Universe work for you. People often think that the Universe will do everything for them and have to do nothing. This is wrong. It is on your part to take Inspired Action.

Don’t worry about free will. You won’t be dictated with each step to take, but you can determine that your life is yours, and you are free to take action. Sometimes, it might happen that you do not wish to take action because it is not aligned with your values. It is okay. Do not stress out. You will have another opportunity waiting for you even if you miss this one.

7. Overcome the fear of the unknown

Our mind is gripped with unknown and intangible fears, and the worst part is that we believe in them. It is okay to feel the fears, just accept them and let them go. If you let them build a home in your mind, you can never attract anything you want, and your intuition will be hampered terribly. When you experience a sense of fear, do not react negatively, as it could tamper with your future. Be excited about the future happening and overcome the resistance of fear. It won’t happen in a few moments; it will take time and practice. Just keep your mind open for the future and be excited about it.

8. Interpret your dreams

We ignore our dreams or mock them. The dream state is fluid; you are in the subconscious state and carries many intuitive messages. Our waking mind is subject to resistance, but our dream mind is free of it. So, maintain a dream journal or a notebook to reflect on your dreams. Maybe, you will find a pattern and bring it back to your consciousness. You can predict your bright future with the help of dreams and expect the future situation to be a certain way.

9. Practice being intuitive

Intuition is like an instrument that you need to sharpen; it is like a muscle that needs to be trained. The key is to do a lot of practice to let your intuitive powers harness on your own. Feel it, don’t fake it. Lose your eyes, do deep breathing, focus on the present moment, hold your chest lightly and ask, and look for opportunities. You cannot expect the Universe to cooperate within a few seconds; it will only happen with practice.

10. Make decisions by yourself

How much do you think after making a decision? Probably, you spend the next few hours figuring out whether the decision made was right or wrong. Or do you even try to reverse the decision? Or do you avoid making decisions and let your family and friends do it for you? To enhance your intuition, you need to believe in yourself and make rational decisions. First of all, start making your own decision. Don’t depend on others or dwell on determining whether it was the right one. Trust your heart instincts and the Universe, and you will be guided by them. The key is to be confident about your decisions.

11. Understand what your body says

Our body gives clear indications of what we feel at a particular moment. For example, if you are anxious, you feel shaky. You might feel butterflies in the stomach or a rapid heartbeat. Write down your body’s reactions to a certain thing and observe the pattern. You can recognize your intuitive behavior through your body.

12. Take care of your pineal gland

Hey, don’t worry, you don’t have to visit a doctor or undergo treatment for taking care of the pineal gland. It is located in the brain and contributes to human brain functioning such as sound sleep, responding to environmental factors, perceiving reality, and making proper decisions. Not everyone is aware of this important body organ; we suggest nourishing it well. If you want to experience spiritual awakening, you need to decalcify your pineal gland. Now, why do we need to decalcify it?

Ironically, the credit goes to our lifestyle. We feed our pineal gland with processed foods, digital devices, screen time, pollutants, and artificial chemicals. As the toxins enter the brain, it results in calcification, which inhibits spiritual growth and hinders your intuitive abilities. Following are the constructive ways to decalcify your pineal gland:

  1. Avoid fluoride-infused water and fluoride-infused toothpaste, no matter how easily they are marketed and sold.
  2. Eat organic and nutritious foods and stay away from processed foods.
  3. Use earthenware for cooking and using steel bottles or BPA-free bottles.
  4. Reduce screen timing post-dusk.
  5. Do not use non-stick vessels for cooking.
  6. Meditate and do yoga regularly.


13. Journal it down

Even if we have repeatedly stated that journaling can help interpret dreams and overcome past traumas, you can maintain a journal to reflect on your thoughts. You could assign any purpose to it, but ensure that you are free while expressing your feelings in the journal. You will notice that you have a pattern, and your gut feeling has improved over time. You can also acknowledge and be grateful for your intuition through this journal.

14. Accept Divine Insight

If you think divine insight is a myth and a concept used by rare species, you are wrong. Divine Insight is available for everyone; you should have the ability to accept it and recognize it. If you always blame it on destiny, you will never be able to recognize the signs and seek insights. So, whenever you notice that your gut tells you something, believe in it for a while and not dismiss it immediately.

15. Understand how the messages reach you

It is not one way of receiving messages from the Universe; you experience it through five different types of gifts. As you notice them carefully, it will be easy for you in the future to interpret them and receive more of them.


It is the intense ability to perceive psychic images. You might notice an instant flash in your mind or a short burst, and it will give you the signal. Those who are excellent at visualization can experience this gift.


Your psychic ability to hear intuitive messages. Those who are more into audiobooks and listening to podcasts and book summaries can find this gift interesting. If you are into music or have excellent communication skills, you might receive gifts in this form.


It is your psychic ability to feel situations through emotions and frequencies. When you experience any positive or negative vibes as soon as you enter a room or a place, it means you have received this gift. Your body will also notice the sensations, and it will give you signals.


This is a kind of energy felt through persons and not places or situations. When you feel the emotional vibrations of another person or you yourself attract those emotions, you receive this gift. Please note that you are over-sensitive, and need to be careful in crowded places and at social events.


This psychic ability arises only from instincts. When you seek a sudden idea, and feel that it was out of nowhere, you are using this gift. It is common, but it is hard to interpret whether it is a sign or an impulsive idea.
Record your thoughts and happenings, and you can receive guidance from the Universe from any of the above gift forms. Notice the pattern and give it enough thought next time. Gradually, you will find that kind of gift you can receive more from the Highest Self.

In a nutshell, anyone can sharpen and enhance intuition as it is not the job of only psyched individuals. Go through the above list and pick up the things that work for you and focus on the same. Trust yourself and in the Universe, and you can witness the magic.

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