4 Subconscious Body Language Attraction Signs

What are the subconscious body language attraction signs? There are few important ones.

We have all been in this situation –  we are talking to someone, perhaps someone new, and we are talking and chatting and getting along well. We start to wonder if this is a budding friendship.

Or, maybe, this is more than just friendship in the making.

But we do not know if they are attracted to us. They are hardly going to just come out and say it – much as we might wish they would, social norms prevent them from doing so.

Luckily, most of what a person is saying at any given moment is not expressed verbally but through their body language.

In fact, the best way to judge if someone is attracted to us is by studying their body language.

So what subconscious body language signs of attraction should we be looking out for?

Subconscious Body Language Attraction Sign: Facing

One common body language sign that someone is attracted to us is that they are always facing their body towards us. This can be the whole body or, commonly, the feet.

Where the feet are pointed is commonly thought to indicate where most of their attention is aimed.

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A full body facing stance indicates full attention and is a strong signifier for attraction. They are expressing physically their desire to engage with us, saying much more than their words might.

Subconscious Body Language Attraction Sign: Open

Similarly, an open stance signals that the person feels both safe opening themselves to you and, of course, more willing to open up emotionally.

This is a sure sign of attraction. An open stance is often seen as an invitation, a welcoming of us into their space and their life.

Subconscious Body Language Attraction Sign: Hair Flicks & Other Ticks

In poker, players often study each other for their unique tells to see if they are bluffing or holding a good hand.

Similarly, we can study someone we are talking to for giveaway signs that they are nervous or excited.

Such signs or ticks are highly personal, but common ones include touching their own hair, touching their face or neck, sitting up straighter than usual and even things like a distinct lowering of the voice.

This one might not be of much use in the first instance, but paying attention to them can help by the third or fourth time if we are unsure.

Subconscious Body Language Attraction Sign: Smile

A very strong body language sign of attraction is smiling.

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We smile when we are happy. It sounds obvious because it is, but we often miss this sign if we are not looking for it.

When someone is smiling a lot around us, we can be pretty sure that they are happy and content with where they are. They enjoy talking to us.

And what else is more important to attraction than being happy when we are with them?

There are many more body language signs of attraction, but the signs we have outlined here are both the most common ones and the easiest ones to notice.

As a general rule, we are looking for signs of engagement, signs that their attention is on us and only us.

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