Manifesting Anything and Everything

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Many people are confused about manifesting. They think that for everything there is a different rule…there is one thing you need to do to manifest wealth, something else to manifest weight loss, and yet another to manifest a relationship.

The truth is: the process is always the same. Whether you are manifesting a job or manifesting love, the process is the same.

The steps involved stay the same – always.

There isn’t a trick…or some special tool that if you just had it, everything you want would suddenly fall into place.

It doesn’t work that way.

Manifesting is only as hard as you make it.

If something isn’t coming to you as fast as you desire…if you think that you’ll never get what you want… if you think you’re doing something wrong…the problem isn’t that manifesting isn’t working. The problem is that you are preventing yourself from receiving what you want. You haven’t completed all of the steps involved in manifesting what you want.

Specifically, you aren’t allowing it to happen. You still have some resistance to your desire, some attachment to it that is preventing it from appearing in your life.

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What is your resistance?

What exactly are you attached to?

The answer is different for each person.

Sometimes the resistance can be overcome simply by turning your thoughts to something that makes you happy whenever a negative thought comes to you.

Sometimes you have to spend time with yourself and examine what your desire means to you and what would happen if you never received it.

Sometimes you might only need to write a letter to the Universe, God, or whomever you choose, stating why you want what you want and asking for help in allowing it into your life.

But in the end…manifesting is all about you.

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