35 Root Chakra Affirmations to Remain Strong and Grounded

Below, discover 35 powerful root chakra affirmations to help you remain strong, steady, and grounded at all times. Plus, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for your free printable root chakra affirmations and journal prompts!

Located at the base of your spine, your root chakra is your energy center for safety, stability, and staying grounded. You may also hear it referred to as your first chakra, as it’s the lowest energy center in your body.

As the chakra located closest to the earth, the root chakra represents your foundation. This is where you build your inner strength and power so that the flow of energy can easily move freely throughout your entire body.

When your root chakra is balanced, this means that your basic needs are being met: food, shelter, warmth, rest, security, and safety. It also means that you have a good relationship with your body and that you recognize your body’s ability to support and take care of you.

A balanced root chakra also signifies that you feel firm in your place of life. Now, to be clear, this doesn’t mean you have to settle or that you can’t have hopes and dreams for something more. Rather, it means that in this moment, you know you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. It signifies that you trust the path ahead and aren’t living in a space of worry and fear.

If you want to learn more about practices to balance your root chakra, you can check out my post on root chakra healing practices.

Below, you’ll find 35 root chakra affirmations to help you feel strong, grounded, and secure. You can use these root chakra affirmations in meditation, or you can save them and repeat them whenever your energy feels out of balance and/or misaligned.

I also recommend incorporating root chakra affirmations into your morning routine, as they set you up to approach the day feeling strong and empowered. This means that no matter what happens during the day, you’ll remain calm and peaceful, knowing that you live in a universe that always supports your well-being.

And to go even deeper into balancing your root chakra, I’ve also put together 30 journal prompts to open and heal your root chakra. You’ll also get these journal prompts, along with the affirmations below, if you sign up for the free printable at the bottom of this post.

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Root Chakra Affirmations to Remain Strong and Grounded

  1. I am safe and secure.
  2. I am rooted in this present moment.
  3. I am strong, steady, and grounded.
  4. I have access to all the resources I need to survive and thrive.
  5. I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.
  6. Everything I need comes to me at exactly the right place and time.
  7. I vibrate powerful, abundant, peaceful energy and attract this same energy in return.
  8. Deep inner peace is my natural state.
  9. Even when the world around me feels chaotic, I remain rooted firmly to the ground.
  10. All my needs are always met.
  11. I am exactly where I’m meant to be.
  12. It is right to be exactly as I am.
  13. It is right to be exactly where I am.

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