How to Stay Focused On Your Dreams and Goals?

How to Stay Focused On Your Dreams and Goals?

To manifest better and sooner, it is essential to focus on your desires and be in the moment. You cannot be anxious about the goals all the time, but focus all your mental and physical energies on them. When your focus and attention is a goal, your energy is diverted towards it. It also makes you clear about the goals you want to manifest and convert them into reality. Moreover, focusing on goals does not let you fall off the wagon and land on non-essential areas of your life.

The three essential pillars of the Law of Attraction – thought, emotion and action are correctly aligned with focus and attention. But is it possible for you to focus on a goal till it gets manifested? Or you simply lose focus, change the goal itself, or feel unmotivated and in a slump after some time?

It is necessary to be focused on your goals, and we help you build and retain them with the following proven, effective techniques.

1. Note them in a book

When you orally express a desire, it is a wish and not a concrete goal. Hence, it needs to be written down on paper. Documentation of goals proves that you are serious about the goals and want them to be manifested and get in reality. You can write goals in a variety of ways, such as scripting, journaling, writing down goals, framing SMART goals, writing down affirmations, making an intention box, and others. You don’t have to follow anyone; you can create your own way of solidifying your goals.

When you write down your goals, you create a focal point. The Universe knows better and is clear about what you want from it. It also clarifies your subconscious mind, and you don’t divert your attention towards other non-productive things. As you realize your goals (that are written), you can reflect on them and pat your back.

Hence, it is damn essential to note down intentions in a proper notebook in the forms mentioned. It is like a solid foundation on which you initiate your manifestation process. So, if you have still not written your desires or goals, let them be visible on paper.

2. Create a powerful routine and stick to it

Inspiration doesn’t come with a motivational video or reading a book overnight. It comes with momentum, daily actions that you put in towards achieving your goal. Hence, we suggest creating a routine of all actions that help you achieve your goal. Remember the third pillar of Law of Attraction – Inspired Action; that’s why we advise you to take action steps that align with your predetermined goal.

Your routine includes the actual action steps and the manifestation routines necessary for manifestation. Both are essential and you cannot rely on simply one of these. For instance, the action steps for goal achievement will be eating healthy foods, sleeping at night early and rising early, meditation and surrounding yourself with happy and positive people.

Similarly, you can execute action steps concerning the manifestation techniques such as repeating and writing affirmations, visualization, scripting, journaling, using guided synopsis, etc. When you have a routine, you don’t distract yourself what you want to do next in life or the next day. You know what should be done next, and you remain on track. You know that whatever you are doing aligns with your goal, and the Universe guides you throughout the day.

3. Take care of your subconscious mind

When you have a goal in life, you gain 10 percent of consciousness, but staying focused on that goal, it gets rooted in 90 percent of your subconscious mind. Thinking about the goals all the time is highly impractical and will occupy the majority of your time. Our suggestion is to take time to rewire your subconscious mind and have goals rooted in it. When there is positivity towards your goals in the conscious mind, then your subconscious mind is active as well.

Hence, start training and rewiring your subconscious mind by focusing on your goals at the conscious level. You can do this through several powerful ways, such as positive self-talk, affirmations, visualizations, guided hypnosis, and others.

4. Resolve the conflict of interests in your mind

It is not the Law of Attraction to be blamed, but your mindset towards the goals that need consideration and strengthening. Some people are so fickle-minded that they change their intentions frequently. One day, they write down that they want to manifest a meaningful and long-term relationship, and the next night, they plan for a casual date on a social media platform.

Another example could be a person who wants to buy a beautiful house. But the next day, he longs for a digital nomad lifestyle. This situation or confusion is also known as the shiny ball syndrome. It means that you want to change your directions whenever something new and interesting crops up. You lose focus because you are easily distracted by something exciting, and now, the new thing is your desire.

You cannot have it all; you cannot be in a relationship and still have casual dates. The point is to seek clarity of your goals and focus on them without getting distracted each time. Visualize what you want in life – it doesn’t mind if you want to be casual and enjoy the perks of it. We don’t say it isn’t good. But we won’t recommend switching between two goals of contradictory nature and leaving the Universe to confusion.

5. Create a vision board

Come on, it is time to be a little creative, and a vision board serves this purpose. A vision board is a mindful collage of images, quotes, and photos that relate to your goal directly. You can be as creative and motivated as possible while creating a vision board and stick it on a wall that is visible to you and is more prominent. So, whenever you come across the wall, you can check it out and get inspired to work on your goals.

A vision board is simply the visual representation of your desires, and it motivates and inspires you all the time to take action and be focused.

6. Keep yourself mentally and physically healthy

Staying focused is important and depends largely on our mental and physical well-being. If you are sick or feel low and grumpy all the time, you will never be able to focus on what you want. Hence, it is important to nourish and fortify your mind, body, and soul and keep them in a proper state of alignment.

Eat nutritious meals at proper intervals, get a good night’s sleep, and cut off toxic people from your life. Use social media wisely and do not fall into the trap of random following people and feeling sulked with their so-called happy lives. Yes, there is a lot to do to keep yourself happy and healthy mentally and physically. In short, you should indulge in things that awaken your inspiration towards goals.

When you rest, work the way you want, eat healthily, and do a digital detox, your subconscious mind thanks you and builds focus. So, feed yourself with positive enforcement and elevate the vibrations towards goal manifestation.

7. Get rid of the toxicity

As we suggested to add positivity to your life, we also advise you to cut off the negativity from your life. Negativity refers to self-limiting beliefs but also toxic people, places, thoughts, and stuff. If there is something unpleasant that stops you from the achievement of your goals, get rid of it. External factors play a huge role in increasing your focus on one thing, and if any of these factors are negative, you need to buck up and ensure it is out of your life.

So, reflect on your life and note down all the things that affect your life negatively. Then, take steps to cut such things from your life. We understand you cannot cut off your own family if it is against your goals or does not support you. But you can be silent on your action steps and not accept their opinions and live your life the way you want. Removing weeds is essential and leads to plant growth, and the same principle applies to unwanted and negative things in your life.

8. Calm your mind

Meditation is one of the effective and soothing ways to calm your mind and make it free from the mindless chatter and noise of the outside world. Our minds are exposed to thousands of thoughts and we need to make space for listening to the inner voice. As per research, people who meditate regularly can concentrate better. You can relax your mind, observe the pattern of thoughts occurring in your mind and release the negative ones one by one.

As you immerse yourself, you can let go of the external distractions and maintain longer focus spans easily.

9. Practice manifestation techniques with attention

When you practice manifestation techniques, what do you think? Do you get stressed and worried about whether you will succeed or not? Or does your body feel uneasy and feel like your muscles are cramping? Well, this needs to be worked on, and you should be excited and happy while pursuing the manifestation techniques and not feel nervous or anxious.

Visualize that your desires are getting manifested and feel the positive emotions deeply. Practice being present, and you seek incredible effects. You need to get away from the unwanted thoughts and focus only on what you want.

10. Be focused, not obsessed

It is good to be focused on your goals, but you need to find the difference between focus and obsession. It means when you lose yourself and stop taking care of yourself while chasing goals is certainly not defined as focus. It is over-focus, and can lead to several mental conditions such as depression, disappointment, hurt, stress and others. We don’t need obsession with our goals; we want to focus.

Have faith in your goals and manifestation process. But when you obsess over it, you try to control the happenings. The vibration that you emit out of obsession is undoubtedly negative and gives you a feeling of lack and desperation. Hence, don’t let the goals be the centre of your life, you should be your focal point and not the goal. When you focus on you, your goals will naturally start following you.

11. Identify the resources that motivate you

Sometimes, we cannot practice all the techniques and hence, we need to determine which things motivate us. For instance, you might be more inclined towards writing down affirmations with emotion or staying calm. It could be a vision board for your friend, but for you, it could be a manifestation box and the wallet technique. Identify your motivating points and have them in your routine. It will take a week or two, but you will find your source of motivation easily.

12. Share your progress

When you share your goals, you visualize and are happy while narrating the tiny success story to your friends or family members. However, ensure that you share only with those who uplift your spirits and do not make you feel low. You can even have a trusted accountability partner and reflect on your goals. This will make you focused on your goals and keep working rigorously towards them.

Conclusively, you need to adhere to the above 12 techniques to stay focused on your goals and manifest them.

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