8 Reasons Why You Are NOT Manifesting Your Dreams

Why are You Not Manifesting Your Dreams?

Are you NOT Manifesting Your Dreams?

You repeat affirmations daily, you have gotten rid of limiting beliefs, you visualize regularly, and your intention is obviously pretty clear. But still, you cannot see a sign from the Universe, or none of your goals seem to be on the way, and this stresses you out a bit unknowingly.

You do not have to blame yourself as several others like you struggle in this journey. You might be doing something slightly wrong, and you can fix it without condemning yourself. It is just that you are off the wagon or misunderstood certain things, but you can be perfectly alright.

You simply need to hang on there and let your mind and body enter the alignment phase, and your desires and dreams will start falling back into place. Yes, and that’s how the Law of Attraction works. Our subconscious mind is engaged in the act of bringing together the broken pieces of our experiences on a daily basis. To manifest our desires, it is mandatory to create an imprint of your positive thoughts and radiations on our subconscious minds. Manifestation is not just thoughts converted into things; it is the alignment of your desires and a deeper connection with the Universe.

Being a human being, it is evident to complicate things and make stuff harder for us. But with the Law of Attraction, you can make those things normal and clear out all the stress.

8 Reasons Why You Are NOT Manifesting Your Dreams

Following are the top reasons why you are not manifesting your goals and how you can do it in the right way.

1 You do not set specific intentions

You have set an intention, and we are happy for you. But if it is not specific, it will do nothing for you.

We have an example for you. Mike was trying to sell his old, unused car that had been lying in the garage for months. He thought that he would sell it and earn some money that could be used to buy a new car. So, he posted an ad on a platform. He wanted the right price for his car. So, he applied the Law of Attraction as he had learnt about it and then visualized accordingly.

However, he visualized receiving loads of bids of higher amounts. And it happened. In real. He received almost 21 bids in the first three days, and all of them were of different but satisfactory amounts. He was happy, and he thought of discussing the same with the shortlisted buyers.

But when he did that, he was disappointed. The first buyer told him he was going for another alternative. The second one tried to negotiate even if he had bid with a good amount. The third was a time-waster. He simply said he had just been looking for cars but was not really interested in buying them.

This all happened because Mike didn’t focus on visualizing to earn money but to receive more bids. His manifestation was granted by the Universe, but this was not what he wanted.

2. You do not repeat affirmations in the present tense or visualize that it is happening right now

Affirmations and visualizations work really very well, but only if you do it effectively and in the right way. You need to create the energy, and only then does the Law of Attraction work. However, if you visualize the future feelings or repeat affirmations in the future tense, then you have to be alert because this is not going well. You might say that someday you will have a life partner and you will be happy; then you are telling the Universe to manifest on an uncertain day.

There is no guarantee for someone, or one day, or in the future. The statements and visualizations starting from “I will have…” do not work as they are talking about uncertain times in the future. Moreover, you are not happy right now, which you should be. As per the Law of Attraction, you should be happy and joyful at the moment and feel that you have the desire accomplished and not be hopeful for it.

When you desire the future, you are not happy now but are longing for it and can even become desperate. You will not manifest your desire but more longing and more waiting period. Even if you are positive about your desires, the visualization process and statements you use will affect the blessings. So, when you have the intentions set, visualize them and feel as if they are happening now. Feel the emotions and the things that you have achieved. When you repeat affirmations, start with “I have manifested….” As a result, you will emit the right frequencies and vibrations and get the things you want the most.

You can seek the benefits of subliminal affirmations that distract the conscious and condition your subconscious naturally, and help you get rid of the self-limiting beliefs.

3. You do not feel emotions when you visualize

In the above tip, we have discussed enough visualizing in the present moment. At this point, we will discuss emotions while visualizing. If you are aligned with the Universe only through thoughts and not with emotions, you won’t be experiencing any result at all. The Law of Attraction’s 3 pillars are: Thought, Emotion, and Action.

For instance, if you are trying to manifest a new job, you can visualize receiving the offer letter, on the first day of your job, or your Boss introducing you to other office mates. But this is not enough. If you are still feeling desperate, miserable, and are constantly longing for the job and not being happy about it, you will not get happiness in return.

Some people even visualize technically. They imagine and imagine with no trace of feelings and emotions and do not feel a damn thing about the dream. They are either worried about the next thing to do or think it is a routine like brushing your teeth. You need to have faith in the Universe and experience emotions all the time.

4. You do not apply the 10-second rule

When there is an enemy called self-doubt on your way to manifestation, you need to remember the 10-second rule. Unfortunately, we have seen many followers of the Law of Attraction not adopting this rule in their lives and not manifesting enough.

The 10-second rule is like a process and works in the following manner:

  1. Acknowledge the limiting belief and know what it is. It could be different for each person; hence, you need to introspect what’s wrong with your thinking.
  2. Accept yourself and say to yourself that it is okay to have negative thoughts once in a while, and you are not to blame.
  3. Start breathing deeply and as you exhale, let go of the limiting belief.
  4. Repeat an affirmation that makes you feel better and replace the negative thought with it.

This looks like a long process, but technically, it takes only 10 seconds to do. It is okay to forget a few steps when you are undergoing a crisis or to feel depressed. But don’t forget the deep breathing and the act of letting go. You will feel much better.

5. You do not take actions towards the accomplishment of your goals

If you visualize, affirm yourself and think positive, and not take the desired action, the manifestation will never happen. This is because you are missing the third and important component of the Law of Attraction – Action. Action does not denote hard work or putting in strenuous effort without any reason. But action refers to the things that you are supposed to do to achieve your goal.

As you take the desired action, you can welcome inspired action from the Universe. It increases your vibration and shows the Universe that you are putting an effort to make it happen.

6. You are not building the concrete foundation of your life

If you are focused mainly on the outcome and not on the basics or the process, it means you are not following the path of the Law of Attraction. You can write down all your goals and dreams on paper and also the expected milestones you will have to achieve one by one. If you want to buy a car, you can write it down on paper, and the mini-steps will be like looking for a good car, arranging for finance, applying for a car loan, and taking it for a test drive.

As you tick off each milestone in the list, you will feel confident, and your faith in the Universe increases gradually. Hence, you need to start small and build your foundation of faith and trust in the Universe.

7. You do not pay proper attention to the signs from the Universe

When there is synchronicity or a sign from the Universe, you need to receive it as a blessing and know that the Universe is with you, and your manifestation will happen soon. When you notice butterflies or 11: 11, you don’t have to call yourself stupid but believe in the power of the Universe.

Signs can come in any way to guide you along the path or as a confirmation of your action steps. You need to recognize them. So, when you are trying to manifest, ensure that your eyes are open and you are focused on your action without ignoring the signs. We hope you don’t dismiss them in the future and accept them as signals from the Universe.

8. You work against the manifestation of a person

When you are trying to manifest, some people will be affected. They might have their own manifestation journeys, and they cannot wait for yours to complete. The Universe is not biased; it will manifest the desires of people who are doing it in the right way.

For example, if you have a crush on a college friend of yours but they already like someone else from their neighbor. You might be trying to visualize a life with them, but they already imagine the other person in their lives. Both of you are creating a reality and are sending signs to the Universe, which leads to complete confusion and chaos.

There are chances of compromise, and free will has to overrule the powers of the Universe. So, you are manifesting against the opposite person, and it leads to delays or even non-possibility of the manifestation.

In short, you can be well-versed with the above mistakes and put an effort into not doing it in your manifestation process.

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