How to Enter Into a Contract With the Universe for Manifesting Abundance?

Manifesting Abundance Contract with the Universe

Have you ever wondered why the Universe is not acting like your friend or Almighty and is not granting your wishes?

Have you always switched between desires and dreams and led the Universe to confusion?

Have you always wondered why you get the opposite of what you wanted?

Have you manifested something that you wanted but then you realized you shouldn’t have been visualizing for it?

All this happens when you are not in alignment with your own vibration. You confuse the Universe that sends mixed signals and wrong results. So, the Universe should not be blamed for this process, and neither should you. Uncertainty in life is okay, but if you keep switching things often and send incorrect signals to the Universe, you will get the desired outcome on your plate.

How can you stop doing this process and do it the right way?

The ideal way is to enter into a contract with the Universe. Yes, a rightful, legal and binding contract will do the job. You do not have to beg the Universe or request it by sending applications to the Universe. Instead, you should write and enter into a contract with the Universe and specify your intentions clearly and not send confusing messages.

A Contract with the Universe: Meaning

There is no ambiguity in a contract. It is specific, understandable, and does not have hidden meaning or interpretations. If you aren’t clear about your dreams, then writing a contract with the Universe will be the best thing to do. You will seek clarity in what you want, and your dreams will be more specific and intentional.

When you know what you want, the Universe will get it in a written format. You won’t change your course of action, and the Universe will know what you are up to.

Process of writing a contract with the Universe for Manifesting Abundance

Following is a detailed process to write and enter into a contract with the Universe. You need to understand each step in this process and follow it diligently to be on track with your goals.

1. Do a brain dump

We know what you are going through. You are probably overwhelmed with the desires and dreams you want to pursue. One of the effective ways to reduce the overwhelm and be on track is to do a brain dump. Your mind needs to be on the loose; you should get rid of the tangles, you should feel the ideas flowing out of your mind easily and not be blocked with them.

So, get a notebook and a pen and write down all that you want in your life. At times, you will feel confused even while writing down. Don’t worry; once you write one dream, it will lead to more. Don’t restrict yourself from writing on paper. You should not feel suffocated while writing. No one will judge you for what you want from the Universe.

Just start writing. It might sound silly at some point when you write the weirdest dream of your life but don’t worry. You will get everything sorted in your life soon.

If you are confused, you can ask the following questions to yourself:

  1. What are my dreams?
  2. What are the challenges I face to achieve my dreams?
  3. How can I overcome these challenges?
  4. How does the manifestation picture look? Does it make me happy or scare me?
  5. How can I take action to fulfil my desires?
  6. How can I enlist my family and friends on the road to dream accomplishment?

It will take a week or more to get everything out of your mind and on the paper, but it will take care of the major portion of the contract.

2. Write it as a valid document

Often, people feel the contract writing idea is silly. They don’t feel the need to enter into a contract with the Universe and might not take it seriously. For instance, they don’t write a title for the contract; they don’t use appropriate words and proper headings for different clauses. They write it on a crumpled piece of paper, fold it anyway and never have a look at it.

How do you treat the contracts and agreements in your house?

Do you place your house purchase deed in any of the chests of drawers, or do you file it properly with the other important documents?

Do you get the contracts legally drafted by an expert, or do you write it anyways in slang language?

You need to understand the importance of the contract with the Universe and feel it is essential and valid. Name the contract properly. Yes, use your name and call the other party the Universe.

When you have a document with a proper heady, it serves a purpose and is not an ordinary piece of paper lying around in your house. People often think that if the Universe is not going to read the contract, then why do we have to name it or use proper headings? Hey, the Universe will read it; you don’t have to worry about when and where it will read. You simply need to specify your intentions in the contract or else; it will be futile to have dreams.

When you give a proper heading to the document, you can establish a valid agreement between you and the Universe. Moreover, the document needs to be dated. You should know when you specify your desires to the Universe. When you manifest your desires later, you can go back and trace the memories of drafting this contract. It is a feeling of bliss, and we guarantee it will happen.

Hence, build a mindset to treat the document as valid and genuine and give it a proper heading and use the right words. Take it seriously and not as a random paper.

3. Pen down all your desires and dreams

You can write 100 dreams on the contract, but did you feel it when you wrote, ‘I want to get married.’ If there was no emotion, the Universe would never understand it and treat your desire as a bunch of random words.

The Law of Attraction is effective only if you put powerful emotions in your dreams. You cannot simply state what you want, you should also feel the emotion attached to your desires. It is mainly underestimated by people and even experts who promote the LOA techniques but fail to build the emotions in you. When you use emotions, you can take your visualizations and affirmations and the contract as well to the next level.

If you are desperate to get married, you will be blessed with more desperation. If you are frustrated with your finances and manifest more money in your life, you will be guaranteed more frustration with no traces of money. If you are greedy about the dream car or house, you will attract more greed and mean people.

An emotion has a lot of energy, and it attracts other frequencies as well. If you don’t have the feelings of abundance in your mind, you will never seek it. You shouldn’t be feeling the lack of abundance, but abundance itself as you write the contract.

You might feel that you are faking it, but you will make it once you get the hang of it. The Law of Attraction will work as soon as you experience the emotions of abundance and get rid of all the negative feelings.

4. Have faith in the Universe and thank it often

We can never write an article about the Law of Attraction without expressing gratitude. The highest vibration is gratitude, and you can send it to the Universe without substantial effort. You don’t have to visualize when you express gratitude. Just be grateful and happy for what you have, and you will get that in return.

Having faith in your desires and the Universe is the easiest way to manifest. When you build faith in the Universe, there is no misunderstanding. Believe us; the Universe likes when people trust it and believe in its powers.

Creating a gratitude cycle is the best thing to do. When you emit gratitude, the Universe blesses you with plenty of opportunities to express more gratitude for the wonderful gifts you earn and the abundance you seek.

5. Write down your action plan

You can never attract anything unless you take the right action step. Hence, it is essential to write your proposed action steps in your contract. You cannot simply build a mountain of thoughts and expect the Universe to work out without putting your ideas into action. You have to take the initiative; you have to step out of your comfort zone; you have to let the Universe believe in you too.

For instance, when you want to manifest a dream job, you need to apply for good jobs in the market. Unless you send your resume, the Universe will never know that you are genuinely interested in the dream. When you sit back and visualize and repeat affirmations, the Universe will not know anything through your actions. Your job is to believe in the Universe and apply for the said job.

Law of Attraction contains the word Action. And you are supposed to take that action and believe in the Universe that your action will be worth it. So, write down all the steps you want to take in your contract with the Universe.

Conclusively, you can enter into a contract with the Universe and be blessed with abundance. We hope you consider the above elements of intention, faith, emotion, and action while writing the contract.

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