How to Do Manifestation Scripting When You are a Beginner?

What is Manifestation Scripting?

Probably, you are reading this because you want to implement the Law of Attraction in your life but don’t know anything about manifestation scripting. Even though you love to write but are confused about how to do it exactly, or you don’t like to write and yet have to practice this routine. We know writing could be hard for someone who is not used to using a pen for more than a minute. But don’t worry, you can try other techniques or follow this article and learn this skill or manifestation scripting.

And if you are someone who loves writing, this could be an exciting process, and you can harness this skill and get the best out of this routine. We know scripting is interesting, but it is also powerful. It is not writing down a fictitious, all-time-wanted world but something that can turn into reality. You must have watched several videos of people who have manifested in life what they wanted. Money, a loving partner, a car, or a dream house – whatever they wanted.

We have tried to cover up all the aspects relating to scripting that you need to know and learn as you will be starting out. Let us start.

What is Manifestation Scripting?

Manifestation Scripting is a popular and widely used technique in the Law of Attraction scenario. It is basically journaling and writing down your desires the way they have already been manifested. It is ‘something you want,’ but it is depicted as ‘something that has already been achieved.’

You can practice this routine daily or often as you can manage time, and you will pen down your ideal life the way you are living it right now.

This technique can be used solely, but it is advisable to use it along with powerful affirmations, visualization, and penning down on paper and not recording or thinking it randomly. It works, we promise, but you need to follow a few guidelines.

The scripting technique is a blend of several techniques in itself. It includes the setting of a strong intent, repeating powerful affirmations, imagining, acting and expressing as if the desire has been manifested, and emoting effectively. You don’t express the wanting feeling, but the having feeling instead. If you write repeatedly, ‘I want I want,’ you will keep demanding more from the Universe and will never be satisfied. The Universe will make you want more for it instead of blessing you with it. Hence, it needs to be written in the present tense as if you are enjoying the desires you want.

The Process of Manifestation Scripting

It is easy, and if you like to write or are comfortable with it, you can do it without any difficulties. No rocket science and no stringent rules; you just need to listen to your heart and let your mind be free from negative blocks.

1. Get ready to script your ideal life

Before you even think about what to script, it is essential to create a conducive environment for the same. Your thoughts need to get together, and you cannot do it in a cluttered place or full of distractions. You can use a paper, a notebook, your usual diary, or your laptop to write down notes. Choose something that is completely comfortable for you. For example, if you are used to typing, you should not be wasting time writing with a pen or pencil.

If you love fancy stationery, go with it. Don’t think of it as an unnecessary expense. Do what you like, you should enjoy the feeling. The next thing is to choose a space in your house or office to do the scripting. It need not be a meditative place, but it could be your own comfort zone where you feel calm and peaceful. You can enjoy music or turn off the notifications on your mobile phone to have some LOA time.

The next step follows once you choose your equipment in this phase.

2. Make it a peaceful routine

You make space in your home for writing down your ideal life; now you make space in your life. Since scripting and other Law of Attraction techniques need to be adhered to regularly, we suggest forming a routine and not flipping out. Some people are morning people, while some are night owls. There is no discrimination over here; you can whenever you feel comfortable and experience the positive vibes out of it.

If you are a good-morning person and feel refreshed in the morning, get it done first when you wake up. You will feel positive and focused on your desires the whole day since you have already visualized and penned down your perfect life in the morning. If you are a grumpy person in the morning, but at night, you feel better since your targets are covered; you can script at night before going to bed. It doesn’t take much time, and it will help you fall asleep and rewire your subconscious easily.

3. Get the writing right

Lastly, it is the core of this exercise that needs to be done properly. However, we are habituated to writing things that we want. But in the case of the Law of Attraction, you need to write as if the desires have already been manifested. You should feel the joy and excitement, and the wording needs to be right. Better to write in the present perfect tense and not in the future tense.

Write with the highest vibration that you can emit and experience the happy feeling of accomplishment. If you write feeling sulky that your desires have not been manifested, you will never get through it.

Basic Guidelines for Manifestation Scripting

  1. Once you are done with scripting, you need not discard the journals away. You can keep them for 12 months or ago to check what you have achieved. You will notice that you had different thought patterns when you wrote the script, and you can get it right now.
  2. It is okay to repeat writing of some of the ideal scenarios as we know all of us are not expert writers. You need to write something that you feel that day and that moment. For instance, if you feel worried about your financial situation, you can write about your ideal life in terms of personal finance. It can be applied to all life areas. If you find repeating, don’t worry. It is just absorbed into your subconscious and is a good thing.
  3. You can script every day, but if it is not possible, alternate days or two days a week is also possible. Ensure that you have the perfect amount of energy and excitement when you script the ideal life. It should not come out of a boring routine task but out of happiness.
  4. Never experiment with scripting when you are in a lousy mood, as it will send the wrong kind of signals to the Universe. Do it with enjoyment, and you will see the results.

Example of Manifestation Scripting

We are not perfect at scripting, but here is an example of scripting that you can refer to and seek ideas:

“I live in a beautiful 2BHK apartment, and the kitchen is fabulous. I cook healthy meals for my family, and we love eating together at our dining table. I recently got our new furniture from IKEA the way I had listed it for, and it is exquisite.

I have rented a cabin in a co-working space near my home, and I have hired two interns lately. They love working with me, and we have a great time working on different, interesting projects. Sometimes, we sit late, but it is manageable as my husband takes care of our kids till I return home.

We plan for our kids’ education funding, and we have a meeting with the financial consultant in the afternoon.

I love my family, and they love me unconditionally. I am happy as the Universe is by my side all the time.”

We hope the above process and short guide are sufficient in helping you to script your perfect life and imagine the best scenario. It is a confidence-booster and a life-changer and needs to be done with dedication and emotions.

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