Tarot Reading For Love : Find The Meaning Behind Your Cards!

If you have never tried tarot card reading, it is time to know more about love and the romantic life ahead. Tarot card reading is an excellent and proven way to seek some valuable insights about your past, present, and future as you interpret them. You can elevate your intuition levels, make some life-changing decisions of your life or know your life purpose through these cards and interpretation of the same. You can seek the answers to life’s questions through tarot card reading.

You might be in a confused state while making decisions about your dream job or your soulmate. Some of the random questions that pop up in your minds are as follows:

  • Is he or she really my soulmate? Is this the right time to find a soulmate?
  • Is this opportunity really for me? Will I get the deserving break with this new job?

So, in this article, we will thoroughly understand the common tarot cards that give you insights into love, romance, and intimate life. Before we actually provide you with the tarot card reading tips, we have tried to cover things you need to do before you get the tarot card reading for love!

Where can you read the tarot cards?

We are often asked a question, “Is it necessary to appoint a professional for tarot card reading, or you can do it at your home with the help of the internet or a set of cards?” The answer is yes and no. We will suggest hiring a professional who is an expert and local for you. But it might happen that you won’t get any positive vibes from that professional, or you won’t find it comfortable to discuss your personal life with them. In such cases, you can stay at home and do a reading by yourself.

You can find plenty of online platforms and services that work for free, help you draw cards, and provide interpreting with a few clicks of the mouse. However, if you don’t have the requisite energy or budget to go for a professional, it is better if you use online tools such as these free tarot card reading websites and platforms. You simply need to pull 3 cards, and the reading will be in front of you!

But when you pull cards, you could be in a dilemma, or your mind will be completely bogged down with all the over-thinking you do all the time. So, we have the following tips that can you implement before you sit down for a tarot card reading session:

Tips on preparing for a tarot card reading

Tarot reading is a spiritual activity, and you should not do it as fun or in your leisure time. You need to dedicate time to it since you will be engaging your mind and soul during the interpretation. It is obvious to take it for granted and as a fun activity, but we recommend adopting a serious approach.

  1. Respect tarot cards and their readings, and you should have faith in this ancient spiritual practice. It is okay to have fun; you don’t have to be deadly serious all the time, but you should not mock or crack nasty jokes to make you feel better or blame the cards.
  2. Release yourself from all the negative experiences you had relating to your relationships or your opinions about love and marriage. If you hold on to the heartbreak or the trauma you faced in the past will simply stress you out, and you won’t be able to do a fair tarot reading. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the feelings or try to forget them as it will never happen. Our suggestion is not to let the past dictate your future relationships. Just because you met a player doesn’t mean you will meet a player again. You cannot feel guilty and regretful while doing the reading; you have to do it with a clear conscious mind.
  3. You can release your past through several ways such as meditation, exercise, deep breathing, doing something that you love immensely, walking, taking a bubble bath, or a Mandala artwork. The release should happen naturally; you should not be forcing yourself to get rid of the memories and the trauma you suffered.
  4. Embrace your new and bright future happily. As you have released your troublesome past, you should be happy and cheerful about your future. You should spread your arms around and accept your future and not with fearful and doubtful feelings. You can find anything in your reading you don’t even know or expect. Hence, just have some fun during this step and read your cards.
  5. As we know that you cannot expect what kind of love you will receive and from whom you should adopt the art of visualization. In this way, you will emit the right kind of vibrations towards the Universe. You know what the Law of Attraction advocates. Yes, like attracts like. Hence, you need to think and imagine to attract the same in your life. When you imagine your romantic life with a caring partner, you send the vibrations and happy feelings to the Universe to seek the same in return. This will help you to get a better version of the tarot reading.
  6. Visualization is not limited to simply closing your eyes and imagining the best-case scenario. You can even visualize effectively through techniques such as meditation (with visualization), guided hypnosis and Subliminals, creating a vision board, and scripting in the journal.

Each of these techniques serves meaning to your desires and conveys them to the Universe. The Universe knows that you are taking your desire seriously and believe in the Universal powers. When you visualize, you align with the goals and desires you want to manifest. Hence, seek benefits in your reading by visualizing daily as a practice and not a one-time activity.

Best Tarot Cards for Love

The card pulling and its interpretation depend upon the professional, your alignment and connection with the Universe, the cards, and other factors. We have provided the following tarot cards for interpretation purposes:

1. The Empress

A Radiating Infatuation – This card says to you, “Well done,” as it shows that you have taken effort and time to work on your self-love aspects, and you will seek the same kind of mutual infatuation. If you are single, then you are independent, emotionally strong, and you radiate positivity into others. Even if no one is in your life right now, someone is really admiring the way you are. Continue this approach, and you will surely witness the outcomes. If you are in a relationship, this card signifies a gap between you and your partner. You need to nourish yourself or wait for your partner to put in the effort to bridge the gap and seek fulfillment in your relationship.

Focus on yourself, but don’t push hard to work on a relationship or find a life partner. It will happen with the flow when you are emotionally balanced.

2. The Lovers

As the name indicates, It’s Getting Deep card is all about an existing, stable relationship. It is moving forward, the spiritual connection is perfect, and you can move to the next phase. You can express your feelings or move in or tie the knot when this card appears on the screen. Both of you have the same kind of feelings, and it is good news.

Communicate your feelings in the best possible way, develop an understanding of your partner, and go with the natural flow.

3. The Sun

This card says, “You’re close” because you are really close in your relationship. As the sun radiates positivity and energy, you are close to a highly positive event in your relationship. It could be a wedding or a move-in. Well, all those who are single and ready to mingle can find a new person in their life, and yes, they are falling for you truly, madly, and deeply. For those in a relationship, you can expect a pregnancy or a dream event such as buying a villa or proposing marriage.

Look out for Universal signs; singles can visit places where they are invited, and lovers can wait for the ideal time to ask someone out or affirm a proposal.

4. Ten of Cups

It is a perfect state of comfort and peace, and you feel the harmonious connection with your partner in the relationship you always wanted. It is okay to feel a bit overwhelmed when we have too many feelings for the next person, but this card is like a confirmation. If you are single and looking, you will receive confirmation from the Universe about a person you doubted or had a major crush on. Committed people can seek signs about the person they are dating or are married to. You can know if a person is genuine or not with this wonderful card that exclaims, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming…”

Wait for the other person to answer or respond, let it be natural, and pay more attention to what the other person says.

5. Two of Cups

If you want a new connection level in your existing relationship, this card will surely show up. This card is mostly for committed people in a relationship or marriage, so single people out there, please excuse us! Committed people with a past issue will benefit from this card. This card isn’t negative even if it says, “If only I understood either…”

It marks a new beginning, but you might have to go through a few setbacks. The conflict might exist for a few days, but once you release all the past, you can notice the light at the end of the short tunnel. Listen, communicate, and don’t shout your perspective aloud. Be calm and believe in the magic of revival.

6. Ace of Wands

For all those who want to know the lust, sexual tension, and intimate connection in your relationship, this card is a crucial one. This card will tell you that you are supposed to meet an ex or a new fling, but there will be some spice in the intimacy you will have. Be safe and try out something new in the bedroom, but know beforehand that it is not anything official. You will know the sexual prowess of another person, and it is a good thing.

Give in to your sexual feelings, experiment with new stuff, and learn about new sexual desires or even moves. “I can’t resist” should be your mantra when you pick this card.

7. Queen of Pentacles

This is a reminder to strike a balance in your personal and professional lives. It is a grounding card that tells you to find love and emotion in your relationship and not just bury yourself in work. You can find someone online or meet through mutual friends but keep in mind, “it’s time to find balance…”

Know what is essential for you and create some space for love.

The tarot reading helps you seek perspective on all elements of love, right from self-love to striking a balance in life. It will be a bit scary and uncomfortable if you do tarot reading for the first time. But as you practice and implement the above tips, you will gain a unique perspective. Do not compare your readings with others all the time; know that you are unique, and your reading will be different depending on the situation you are into.

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