8 Effective Tips on How to Feel Loved?

How to Feel Loved?

If you are reading this particular blog post, then you are perhaps single and do not know whether you are worthy of any love, intimacy or relationship in your life. Or you are in a fragile or toxic relationship wherein your partner does not value and respect you and undermines your abilities. Or you could be someone whose confidence has been broken and is looking for self-acceptance and a little rise in your self-esteem levels. It is vital to feeling loved; only then can you shower love on others and feel worthy of being in a valued and healthy relationship.

So you want know how to feel loved, right?

You must have heard a thousand times from your friends or family members, “You should love yourself first and only then you can love others,” or something along these lines, “Happiness comes from the inside. You should not depend your happiness on other persons or materialistic things.” Damn it, even experts give such unsolicited advice and preach as if they are superior human beings. This is nothing but gaslighting and proving themselves as motivational speakers.

Let go of all such advice; we have tips for you that can actually make you feel loved and better. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship or not; these tips will provide you with a sense of lovable feelings and belongingness. Don’t worry; you can always feel loved; it is available to you for free. But before that, let us brief the significance of feeling loved.

Importance of feeling loved

If you have read about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, then you can find love and belongingness in the third position of the pyramid. These are subsequent to the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. We desire to give and receive love, and it makes us feel empowered. When we feel loved, we take daring steps in life, express ourselves fully, and feel confident about several areas. When you are loved, you find yourself competent to reach high potential as we have people around us to share success stories.

When you feel loved, you can attract healthy relationships in your life. The inward feeling of love radiates outside and is turned into reality. According to the Law of Attraction, the moment you feel loved, you mirror more love and affection from external sources and people. You even attract opportunities and profitable events as your vibrations increase and you are more confident than earlier. So, let us learn how to generate that feeling of being in love with yourself and attract more love in life.

How to Feel Loved

1. Express your feelings

If you don’t feel desirable and loved in your relationship, it is the perfect time to open up and express your feelings strongly. Maybe your partner takes a few things for granted or doesn’t know what is going on in your mind. You cannot expect your partner to read and interpret your mind just because they love you. It is your responsibility to express your emotions to them.

Similarly, if you are single and you bump into someone who admires you, you shouldn’t shy away from them. Be there and talk openly about yourself and how you feel. If you flinch or avoid the other person, you simply deprive yourself of love and affection from the other side. So, be honest and express yourself and let others know what you feel. It is their task to listen to you, and we are sure they will do it.

2. Remind yourself you deserve love

People want to love themselves because they expect love from others or a specific person. If you have the same kind of feeling, then this article is not for you. We genuinely believe that you should not aim for others’ love and set it as a target. Let self-love happen naturally and not with any bias or negative feelings. If you feel that you are expecting love and nothing is sought in return, you need to revise your standards and reflect on your life. Whether you need such a person in your life is the first question you need to answer.

There are several people who will shower love and affection on you, and you don’t have to expect from them or set a goal. So, just get rid of such goals if you have set them beforehand. The people who appreciate you in your life will want you to be there in person, and you don’t have to struggle for the same.

3. Love yourself

When you first love yourself, others’ love will follow you. You will find several people in your life who care for you and want to be with you in the long run. Take affirmative actions for your self-love. What would you do and how would you feel if you were in a loving relationship? Do all those things for yourself that you want your potential or current partner to do. Do not sulk while doing these things. Just be happy that you can spend time, money, and energy on such self-love activities.

You can relax at a spa, or take yourself on a date night, build healthy and long-lasting habits, be patient and kind to yourself, celebrate your little milestones, pat your back after a while, take action on things that make you happy. Talk to yourself kindly and not be judgmental. It is true that self-love has different interpretations, and it could be different for yourself. Find that makes you feel nice, loved, valued, and respected.

As you immerse yourself in self-love, you will find caring friendships, relationships, and people in your life. It is all because you have accepted and loved yourself.

4. Shower love on others unconditionally

You can receive love easily when you give love without any biases and conditions. When we give love and emit positive affirmations, the same is attracted into our lives. The Universe knows that you are grateful and excited to shower love, and the same is provided. We tend to attract those with whom we share similar feelings. For instance, if you are judgmental, it is likely to attract judgmental people.

On the contrary, if you are a loving person, you will attract more loving persons in your life. You can shower love on friends, family members, relatives, pets, the planet, and other entities. We are sure you will receive warmth and love from the other side.

5. Accept others

Expectations are terrible as they hurt you as you build so many of them. If others’ standards are not the same as yours, you should not be wasting time and energy in manifesting them in your lives. Accept that they are free to live their lives as per their own wills, and you need to let them go, believing that you will find someone who aligns with your standards. Holding on to them and trying to change their habits and attitudes is not your thing.

For instance, if you like spending time in nature and your crush is more into gaming and malls, then you cannot blame them for it. Your standards don’t match; this is the only inference. Don’t force your expectations on them or expect them to change for you. Just let it go and give more preference to your happiness. Don’t worry; you are not losing anyone. Many people are there who share similar standards as yours, and you do not have to force your expectations on anyone.

6. Use hypnosis and other effective programs

If you are terribly traumatized and self-love and feeling loved are out of your league, then you take help of programs such as guided hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and others. You can find such a professional easily these days or even take help from online programs. These are highly effective as they retune your subconscious mind and reprogram your thoughts and feelings.

These audio tracks are specially designed to rewire your mind, and you can simply listen to them and relax. You can find several self-love hypnosis tracks online, or you can sign up for a paid program.

7. Embrace the power of visualization

Visualize being loved and valued, and we are sure this skill helps you in the long run. You can envision yourself being happy and loved and surrounded by people who admire your abilities and believe in you, and truly care for your life and career. It is good to daydream but ensure that you have associated positive emotions and not let the negative mindset be affected during the process.

When you create a picture mentally and link positive feelings to it, the Universe interprets it immediately and prepares for your manifestation. So, adopt this visualization technique to feel loved and attract more affection, care, and love into your life.

8. Finding the purpose of your life

For some people, finding a life partner or a friend who truly adores them is the purpose. You can set it that we do not object to you at all. But if you don’t have a concrete purpose, you might find yourself depending on others for happiness. Hence, ensure that your purpose does not rely on any person. You can include any person in your life’s purpose but don’t make a person your life’s main goal.

We hope the above tips and techniques will help you feel loved immensely effortlessly and help you attract the same into your life. Do not exert any force; just let it happen smoothly.


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