How to Use Ho’oponopono for Better Manifestation?

Hooponopono for Manifestation

If you don’t know this, perhaps you are not well-versed with the new and trending concepts of the Law of Attraction. Ho’oponopono is a cleansing technique, but before we go deep into it, we would like to explain a few things first.

It happens that you are positive and pleasant on a particular day, but the day seems to be all wrong for you. For instance, your car breaks down, your Boss reminds you of a due date that you have not followed, and your spouse lies to you about being early from work. You feel that the Universe is not playing a fair game with you, no matter how positive your attitude has been all the time.

Well, we would not push your buttons hard, but we are going to say that it is a little bit of your fault that you have landed in such a situation. Do you think that your spouse’s lying behaviour or your Boss’ erratic talk should be blamed and not you?

But this is what is explained in Ho’oponopono.

Meaning of Ho’oponopono

Pioneered in Hawaii, this technique refers to mental cleansing and is meant to make things right. ‘Ho’o’ means ‘to make’ and ‘pono’ means ‘right.’ You can notice that ‘pono’ has been repeated more than once in this word. It is because the meaning is extended – making the right of oneself as well as the others. Mornnah Nalamaku Simeona was the lady who introduced this ritual to the whole world. She was herself a spiritual leader, and she gained wisdom for this ritual from a Hawaiian legend.

Over time and years, this practice has undergone several changes and sought some inspiration from Indian and Chinese cultures as well. The practice is now viewed as a self-help type ritual and is followed by everyone around the world.

Earlier, families would come together and heal all kinds of negative feelings such as guilt and sadness through this technique. They would meditate and take complete responsibility for their actions and which resulted in such intense feelings. They made a point that they don’t blame each other for the same but accept the full responsibility of the said emotions.

It was observed that if such cleansing activity did not take place, the whole group had to go through some kind of ailment or physical trouble. Cleansing negative thoughts was very much essential to heal them and make peace about them. In the absence of a proper cleansing ritual, the future generations had to bear all the consequences and had to bear all the negative feelings because of their ancestors.

Ho’oponopono is accepting all the responsibility that has an impact on the current being of a person. It refers to the process of accepting, forgiving, recognizing, and cleansing all the negative energies coming into your life and saying them goodbye.

The Four Elements of Ho’oponopono

The actual simplification of the Ho’oponopono technique was done by Mornnah’s student, Ihaleakala Hew Len. The following four phrases were taken into consideration and combined in a mantra. People following this technique swear by these phrases. On the prime facie, these phrases are about acceptance and forgiveness. But in reality, they are also meant for cleansing the negative energies that surround a person’s existence. Every phrase given below has a purpose and reaches out to the entire Universe.

When you experience any setback or any illness, it is supposed to repeat the following four phrases to cleanse your energies. You don’t have to say these to anyone; you can simply recite them to yourself but ensure that you have a rational thought process and you emit an emotion.

I am Sorry – Saying sorry is apologizing and accepting responsibility for all the deeds and thoughts that have given rise to a conflicting situation. Internal pain passes through generations. You ought to take responsibility for it. If you don’t think the conflict has been caused by you, you are just messing it up more by blaming it on others or your ancestors. You can end a toxic relationship or a chronic ailment with these magic words. It is hard to admit that you have done wrong, but you can certainly do this for your own good.

Please forgive me – It is an extension to the above phrase and is damn effective. It is not only accepting the responsibility for the negative actions done but it is also meant to clear off all the negativity involved in. It is said to earn a clean slate.

Thank you – When you say this, you express gratitude to the Universe, an essential element in the Law of Attraction. You are grateful to the Universe for clearing all the negative actions and deeds that you were involved in or your ancestors were involved. As the Universe has forgiven you for the above two phrases, you are again being thankful for the forgiveness earned. This cycle of gratitude is immensely great.

I love you – You can say this to yourself and express self-love or to other living beings. It could be your family members, a soulmate, or even your pet dog. These words are magical as they are meant to resolve any conflict. The result of these three words is profound and has been observed in the water experiments done by Dr. Emoto. You can even extend your gratitude towards the Universe with these three words as add-ons.

This technique was utilized by Dr. Len in a prison where inmates of criminal insanity lived. The prison was dark and bleak, and the turnout of doctors and staff was severely high. When Dr. Len arrived at the hospital, no one had any special hopes for him. But Dr. Len practiced the Ho’oponopono technique in his own way and cleansed the patients’ thought processes effectively.

Within four years of regular practice of this technique, all the inmates were released as their criminal insanity came to an end gradually. They were cured Dr. Len was successful in his technique.

The connection between Ho’oponopono and Manifestation

Ho’oponopono is all about clearing your negative beliefs that limit your mind and replacing past programming with fresh, positive thoughts. Imagine that your grandmother was never happy with her marriage and constantly told you that getting married is like grabbing a jackpot.

You always thought the same even though your parents had a happy marriage. You thought it was because your parents had a jackpot. Your grandmother never taught you to be negative, but you picked up that lousy thought as a vibe and accepted it internally. You always felt despair and disappointment when you were on a date or when a proposal approached you for marriage. This is called the bad relationship mindset, and it has passed from your grandmother to you unknowingly.

You need to take responsibility for yourself and your known ones to bring up this belief and nurture it in your mind. Remember, you are also responsible for the ones who have made this belief and entered in your mind.

In the Ho’oponopono technique, you don’t feel guilty for your actions, but you notice and accept them and say the magical phrases – I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Your ego is lightened, and you seek better signs from the Universe, and your burden is getting relieved as well.

Using Ho’oponopono for manifestation for others

Of course, you can use it for others too. You might see someone close to your heart in pain. You might feel yourself in pain when you see that person struggling in life emotionally or financially. It could be any problem, but you feel like helping them out.

You can surely take the cleansing ritual as your responsibility, but you need to first accept that the conflict has been shared between both of you. Chant the mantra as given below as you sit in a meditative or quiet trance. You are supposed to clear the negativity first, always remember that. Only then can you connect with the Universe and release positive vibrations to the Universe. As the inner anguish and dissatisfaction are limiting you from manifesting your desires, it needs to be cleared off first. You can teach that concerned person as well, but you can do it yourself to see the difference.


You can use the technique of Ho’oponopono in little-life situations such as catching up on a train or cracking an interview. Yeah, limiting beliefs come in any way popping in our mind. But the best way is to use this technique on major and deeper issues such as chronic illnesses and traumatic experiences. But remember that you need to take complete responsibility for all your actions. That seems to be tough for someone who doesn’t like to apologize or prefers blaming others. But in the long run, it will be good for you to take up responsibility.

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