Sleep Manifestation : How to Manifest While Sleeping?

Sleep Manifestation

Do you know what is Sleep Manifestation?

When we sleep, we dream. And it is an incredible thing to have your dream come true. But you cannot work hard to make your every dream come true. In fact, not all dreams do not have to be true. Some dreams are silly and random, while some are nightmares that you do not wish to recollect even during the day.

So, how does the law of attraction work when you are asleep and let you manifest your daydreams? Yes, there is a key to convert your daydreams into night dreams and make them happen in your real life. When you dream at night, you are not physically present at that place. But you are much aware of what is happening around you. When you are awake, you are physically present and aware of your surroundings.

When you focus on the non-physical world and are aware of what you dream or imagine, the positive things start happening to take place, and manifestation is on track. When you are in the dream phase, you do not have to put in strenuous effort to manifest. You can create things in the least time. But when we are in the physical (awake) state, we have to face several obstacles, due to which manifestation becomes challenging.

The answer lies in blending both these worlds.

How can we blend the two worlds – physical and non-physical?

First, understand that whatever happens in physical form should have an initial thought in non-physical form. You can do it by altering your subconscious mind. Sleeping in the non-physical world does not require you to put in much effort; it happens smoothly.

So, that’s the thing. You optimize your subconscious mind when you are asleep and manifest your dreams and desires.

How do sleep and dreams affect the manifestation?

A leading manifestation expert, Abraham Hicks, states that when you are feeling low and do not have the energy or joyous feeling to catch up on your desires, you need to take a break. Breaks do not mean checking others’ profiles on social media or watching a TV show. A break means a nap or meditating, or not worrying about anything.

When you enter the non-physical state by taking a nice nap or meditating, you do not face resistance, align with the external energies easily and attract what you want without any difficulties. When you are asleep and enter the non-physical world, your ego does not interfere with your visualization process. You do not get scared or self-doubt, and you feel that everything is easy and aligning with the energies.

Your limiting beliefs do not block your way to manifestation anymore. You remain in the positive thinking zone for a long time. When you are awake after a deep slumber, it becomes easy to enter the conscious state, do mindful thinking and be joyful and attract whatever you want.

Often, people are scared to visualize in their sleep because they are tortured by nightmares. Have you noticed that nightmares have nothing to do with your wakeful life? They just take place because a single negative thought crossed your mind. They do not dictate your future and are impossible to happen in wakeful life. But still, the nightmares trouble you more than the conscious thoughts you have in your mind. In such cases, understand that nightmares are not all negative.

Are we trying to support the occurrence of nightmares? Not at all. Our point is to get rid of all the negative thoughts that have given rise to the nightmares in your sleep. When you put the effort to delete all the thoughts in your mind that clutter and obstruct your thinking, the question of nightmares does not arise at all.

When you have a nightmare, do not worry about it. Instead, think constructively about which negative thought is affecting your mind. You should treat your nightmares as a warning and learn from them, and not be scared of them. When you are scared, you attract more fear from the Universe. Hence, learn from it and try to eliminate the associated negative thought or feeling out of your mind.

How to do Sleep Manifestation? – Easy-peasy ways

We have tried to explain to you the connection of sleep with manifestation in the above paras. Now, it is the time to learn how you can actually do it when you sleep. With a little bit of effort and a lot of positive thoughts, you can manifest through your conscious mind and non-physical state in the following ways:

1. Follow a bedroom ritual

How do you fall asleep at night? Does it cause much trouble to sleep, or it happens smoothly? Are you glued to the gadgets till you fall asleep? If you are not falling asleep, then you cannot expect your mind to enter the non-physical world easily. You need to feel good and pleasant when you fall asleep.

If you are tense, worried, anxious or fearful before you go to sleep, it is evident that your dreams will reflect the same negative feelings. Hence, it is necessary to create a high vibrational setting in your bedroom to fall into a deep slumber without any issues. For instance, you need to use your bed only for sleeping and not for working or eating. Stay off the gadgets before you go to sleep. You should not be worried about world politics or what a celebrity is wearing on an occasion before you sleep. You can use essential, aromatic oils, listen to soothing music or read a good book to get rid of all the negativities and enter a vibrational environment.

It might take more time to get used to the new bedroom ritual. But we are sure it will give you plenty of health benefits, including the manifestation of your dreams.

2. Set a fixed time for sleep

This works best if you want to do sleep manifestation. It is essential to take sufficient breaks during the day and enjoy sound sleep at night. If you sleep only for 3 to 4 hours, it is not right. Moreover, you should take some time to relax and chill during the day. It doesn’t mean you have to watch TV for mindless hours or scroll your mobile phone. You should take some time to spend with nature or reflect on the day with a fresh mind.

Another tip for a sound sleep at night is to retire to bed before you feel tired. If you are completely exhausted sitting on the bed, you will never have time to visualize or repeat any affirmations. Then, how can you feed your mind with your desires and dreams to manifest them during sleep? Hence, it is important to take time to wind up and fall asleep. It will help you to carry out the effective techniques of manifestation.

If you struggle to fall asleep and suffer from any problems of insomnia, you can practice guided meditations or hypnosis to overcome these issues. Remember that there is always a proper solution to your sleep problems. Identify the root cause of your sleep problems, and implement effective strategies for the same.

3. Implement different techniques of manifestation before you sleep

Scripting, repeating affirmations, visualizations, guided hypnosis – these are all the techniques that you can practice before you fall asleep. You can do scripting – write down your ideal day or write down how your dream will come true of owning a house or climbing the tallest peak. When you pen down these thoughts, you also need to experience those emotions. Do it well, and you will find that your dreams are getting aligned with the scripting you have done.

If you are not good at scripting, you can imagine. Visualize your life would be or when you are successful and achieve the said goal. When you play the desired scenario several times in the mind, your subconscious registers it and helps manifest.

Guided hypnosis is powerful and effective, and several people around the world have experienced its benefits. But you cannot listen to one guided hypnosis track one night and expect overnight results. It will take time. The more you are patient with the listening, the more effective results you can witness. Hence, we suggest listening to them before you go to bed, think positively about your dreams, and live your next day happily. You will surely observe the results. Guided hypnosis tracks are available easily on the internet but ensure that you have the really good ones.

How can we forget the affirmations? You can establish an affirmation routine, create some mantras and practice them daily before going to bed. You can repeat them orally or write them down in a notebook. The results are guaranteed, provided you put a lot of emotion in the affirmations.

4. Maintain a gratitude journal before sleeping

You can keep a gratitude journal beside your bed and write down the things you are grateful for. You don’t have to sound artificial, just be grateful about the good things you experienced that day or in your life as a whole. You will notice that you have a lot in life, and you are happy that the Universe is with you.

When you sleep in the thankful mode of receipt, you will find that the Universe is manifesting your desires during the whole night.

5. Take advantage of the lucid dream method

Lucid dreaming is the act of dreaming, and you are conscious about it. If you have the habit of lucid dreaming, you can consciously think about your desires, such as publishing your first book or meeting your soulmate.

Not all can dream lucidly, but you can surely try it.

Conclusively, the Law of Attraction works at a non-physical or subconscious level when you sleep, and you can manifest during the same with the above techniques. If you loved our article about sleep manifestation then please share it with your friends on social media. Also please leave your views and feedback in the comments section below.

Thank you!

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