Manifesting Your Reality With Water – The 2 Cup Manifestation Method

2 Cups Manifestation Method

Have you heard about the 2 Cup Manifestation Method?

If you have thought that you can manifest only through visualization, affirmations, and gratitude, then you are wrong. The Law of Attraction provides different unique methods by which you can manifest effectively. Some of them are interesting, practical and provide you with a unique perspective of your desires. For example, one of the manifestation techniques utilizes water for manifestation. Yes, water. It is known as the 2 Cup Manifestation Method and is a simple yet effective method.

You will require a solid intention to make and water. This technique has been proven and used by manifestors and successful people around the world, and they have been propagating this technique to others. We know what you are thinking and pondering over right now. How can water help you to manifest? Yes, it is a commonly asked question when they know about this method. Our answer is affirmative, but we have an explanation for the same in this article. We all know water consumption is crucial for survival but can it let you buy your dream house or manifest a soulmate? Sounds weird!

Let us resolve all your curiosity in this article.

The Connection between Human Consciousness and Water

We would like to acknowledge the research done by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who examined the molecular structure of water under the lens and studied its connection with the human consciousness. He exposed the water samples from different sources in light of music, thoughts, and words. He observed that human consciousness has a profound influence over the water’s molecular structure. The samples were evaluated and frozen for further analysis. Some samples were subject to negative feelings such as anger and frustration, while some samples were open for love and positivity. His best-selling, impressive book, “The Hidden Messages in Water,” contains all the observations he noted during this research.

Impact of our intent on water

Emotions carry the intent. When the water molecules change their structure, it is all because of the intent hidden in a person’s emotions. Grasp this piece of information carefully as you can learn a lot from it. Our subconscious mind is affected by accumulated memories. In the same manner, varying circumstances affect water molecules too.

Now, let us take to the glass of water in front of you. When you set an intent, the water is charged with the same. You build an energetic memory in its molecules. As you consume the water, you take in the intentions, too, and hence, becoming aligned with the energy in it.

We, human beings, consist of 70 percent of water. The water in our bodies also carries the energy of our identity and emotions. So, when your body does not have the desired energy, you cannot manifest anything. It all depends on the energy contained in the water, as it is influenced by your thoughts and emotions. And that’s why we feel it important to set an intent and divert all the positivity in the water when you consume it or take a shower.

Repeat affirmations relating to this method such as:

  • I am happy to drink this water peacefully.
  • I am grateful to enjoy this relaxing bath.
  • Thank you, Universe, for the freshwater this morning.

You can even paste labels on your water bottles, and each label should have a positive quote or affirmation on it that really motivates you. However, research shows that mere labelling will not bring any significant change in the water molecules. You should recharge your subconscious mind each time you drink a glass of water or shower with it. Always have water with a positive mindset, as it does a lot to your mind and body.

Quantum Jumping

The power of infinite realities has been strongly advocated by quantum scientists. According to the researchers, there are different realities, and you can move from one to another. For example, when you are financially low, you live in reality. On the other hand, when you are rich, you live in a different reality. Similarly, when it comes to mind, you are low, or you feel happy. These are just examples as the possibilities are numerous. When we tune our minds, we live in that reality just like a radio station picks up waves as you tune into a channel.

Quantum jumping also works as a radio station. When you tune into the right frequency, the water manifestation technique works incredibly. You don’t have to leave your existing residence. You simply need to divert your point of focus to another direction and make it feel better.

The 2 Cup Manifestation Method

This technique supports the quantum jumping principle, and several followers and manifestors have experienced the miracles of this method. The best thing is that this two-cup method can be used by all, irrespective of what you want (desire), when you want it and where you are located. So, if you are at home or are traveling, you can use this technique properly.

People rely on the quantum jump principle for reasons such as weight loss, a new car or home, a life partner or a crush, money, happiness, and peace of mind. This method can be used for any desire, but the key is to be as specific and concrete as possible.

Now, let us get to the technique in detail.

Things needed:

  1. Two cups (of course, as the name indicates) of water, these cups can be of any size or shape.
  2. Water (yes, the crucial ingredient).
  3. Labels or post-it notes (not compulsory, though).
  4. Marker or a good pen.


  1. Get two cups of water and place them on a flat surface or a table.
  2. Choose a specific desire or goal you want to manifest and work on. It could be anything, but specify it in detail. Never be vague about it.
  3. Take two chits of paper and write down your existing situation and the desired situation you want. Ensure that you use positive words while writing these details. You should not use the words clearly like broke, sad, lonely; instead you should use the right words such as ‘few resources, single, etc.)
  4. Your desired situation should be the outcome you want to manifest. It could be a marriage, a dream car or home, or even good feelings of happiness.
  5. Now, stick the chits to the cups. Add water to the cup labelled with Existing Condition.
  6. Now, transfer the water from the Existing Situation cup to the Desired Situation cup.
  7. It is time to visualize your Desired Situation. So, close your eyes and take time to imagine what you want to come true.

You can even implement this technique when you take a shower. Just get into the shower and visualize your Desired Situation. Simple! Feel the flow of water in your mind and body and visualize.

We hope you will find this Two Cup Manifestation Method effective and easy!

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