How to Detach From Your Limiting Beliefs?

How to Detach from Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are present as an unwanted companion with all living beings. A dog could be having a limiting belief that he can never break his chain. And a human being will have a limiting belief that he can never quit his 9 to 5 job and kick out of his comfort zone. Maybe you have several limiting beliefs that you do not even know what they are. A certain thought must be occupied in your mind for years, and you do not even know that it is a limiting belief.

These limiting beliefs are scary, delicate and reside inside your subconscious as if they are your own part. You are harassed and tortured by these beliefs every single day.

It could be something like, “I will never get rich because my parents say so.”

Or it could be something like. “I am a lazy person, and I always find myself in a state of mess.

Before you find the Law of Attraction or before you have read the book The Secret, you must have never thought of limiting beliefs as hindering thoughts but like a natural thought process in your mind. But now, as you are walking along this path, you will recognise what damaging effects these limiting beliefs have and how they need to be rooted out of your subconscious mind. It won’t happen in a single night; it will take several nights and days to happen.

Over time, you will learn how to detach from these beliefs and recreate a new and healthier life for yourself. If you are in the process of removing all the negative thoughts out of your mind, then the following valuable techniques will help you immensely.

Limiting Beliefs : The Meaning

The deeply-rooted thought patterns that gradually develop with time and those that limit your powers, and acting abilities are known as limiting beliefs. Some even call them self-limiting beliefs, but we refer to them here as limiting beliefs.

Suppose if someone tells you that you can never build a house of your own. Okay, you listen to them and then forget it as this person’s opinion does not get into the subconscious and become a thought. It just passes through like a flick without affecting any of your abilities. But if you have heard right from your childhood that you will never buy a house in your life because you are penniless and powerless and cannot manage money enough, you create a limiting belief there in your subconscious.

You hold back all those thoughts and opinions that your parents reserved for you just because they had experienced a similar thing in their lives. Unfortunately, your childhood holds on to a lot of financial or other stress, and this becomes a fertile field for limiting beliefs and makes you attract the similar from the Universe.

The existence of Limiting Beliefs: Why do we even have them?

Well, it might be a wrong idea to declare limiting beliefs as bad and evil as they were needed by us at some point in our lives. They acted as a shield from the danger. For instance, humans in the stone age had nothing but fear as a mechanism to protect themselves from dangers such as wild animals and natural calamities. However, times have changed. Now, we don’t have to fear tigers or dinosaurs, or beasts all the time. Sometimes, these limiting beliefs protect us from some kind of danger.

For instance, if you are a bit stressed about a project, it is guaranteed that you will finish it up within the said time. But this doesn’t mean you should be stressed all the time and continue having stress even after the project is done.

Your job is to accept the limiting belief and appreciate why it is in your life right now. The limiting beliefs are because you have gone through a specific part of your life. Your journey has been possible because of a limiting belief, and that’s why it is important to acknowledge them. But the Law of Attraction does not tell you to build a house in your mind for each limiting belief as you will be attracting the same in the future.

You should accept it, appreciate it, and know that it will hold you back from manifesting your desires. You should not be plucking each limiting belief out of your mind, but you should detach from the belief that they are true. Once you know that a certain belief is not true, you will get the rest of the things right.

5 Valuable Techniques to Detach from Limiting Beliefs

1. Repeat Affirmations in connection with the limiting beliefs

This is the basis on which you can frame your affirmations. Your subconscious mind undergoes development at the age of 7, and you need to train and teach it as a child.

As you repeat affirmations consistently, your mind will adopt new thoughts, beliefs, and patterns and stop being stuck in the past. You can choose a limiting belief and create and repeat affirmations around them.

It means you are replacing a limiting belief with an empowering belief. If your limiting beliefs are related to abundance and money management, you can reframe them as follows:

1. I am bad at managing money. I am good at managing money.
2. My family and I always have a hard time earning money. Money attracts me easily, and I love the process of revenue generation.
3. I cannot afford to live the lifestyle I want. I can live the lifestyle that I want easily.

2. Be mindful of the negative patterns in your mind

If you want to be in healthy and mindful thoughts, then the Power of Now needs to be emphasized. You need to be in the present moment to create reality, even if you are trying to manifest your desires for the future. Utilize your senses to create a reality of your own and to experience life the way you want. Focusing on your senses is the ultimate way to be present. For instance, smell three things around you, look for five things, hear five sounds, and so on.

For some of us, this might take time as we are not used to utilizing our senses completely. When we are not in the present state, our mind is boggled down by emotions and feelings. Our head is gripped by all kinds of negative thoughts and patterns. When you live through your mind, you will either visit the negative experiences of the past or will deep dive into the anxious possibilities of the future. Though this can be avoided, it is natural for our mind to be invaded by the mind and the possible reactions.

When you stay in the present mode, you will seek more control over your thoughts, detach from the limiting beliefs instead of rewiring them.  So, henceforth, when you notice any negative thoughts or an unwanted lousy emotion, get into the present mode. In this way, you will have observed your feelings closely and not be attracted towards them. As you view your feelings through the third-person perspective, you will be more in control of your feelings and your life.

3. Be grateful for whatever else you have in your life

It could be a limiting belief or a negative situation – expressing gratitude for the beautiful blessings you have in your life will always work. As your mind looks for more things to appreciate and feel good about, you appreciate your life in general and stop limiting your thinking and the world around you. Remember that optimism is a natural and excellent way to stop negative and limiting beliefs blocking your mind. Instead, you can emit the highest vibration of gratitude and welcome good. Healthy thoughts and related patterns.

When you feel good (after expressing gratitude), there is no place for negativity in your subconscious mind. No matter what your subconscious mind holds, you can let it free and accept the power of gratitude itself. Since gratitude is an effective technique for manifestation, it leads to the opening and welcoming of new and attractive opportunities in your life. Hence, you should never stop the cycle of gratitude; you should keep it flowing and appreciate the little yet wonderful things around you and revolving in your life.

4. Love yourself and not the limiting belief you have been holding

We are so engrossed in the limiting beliefs that we stop loving ourselves and accept the negative belief instead.  On the contrary, we blame ourselves and pull ourselves down for embedding these limiting beliefs in our minds. You should not be blamed, and nor should you blame or point out others all the time for bringing up those limiting beliefs. This is nothing but more destructive for your dreams and overall manifestation process.

No need to victimize yourself or blame others or yourselves. You are inviting more victim mentality in your life and more blame by doing this. Instead, you should express and practice self-love unconditionally and accept the limiting beliefs you have.

It is not the fault of your friends, relatives, neighbours, or your family to give way to limiting beliefs in your mind. Your subconscious couldn’t differentiate what you and the others brought in, and it is not the mind’s fault either. If there had been no struggle in your life, you would not have reached where you are right now. Every struggle, every setback has brought something valuable in your life and needs to be recognized and not blamed or criticized.

Hence, always appreciate, love, and accept the way you are. Do not try to change yourself for some other person or reason.

5. Guided hypnosis and meditations

Guided hypnosis helps you to reprogram and rewire your subconscious mind. It is powerful and takes limited time to reflect on your mind. Before you go off to sleep at night, you can simply listen to it, and your manifestation is on the way.

As you use guided hypnosis on a regular basis, you can notice conscious and positive thinking on your way. No matter how busy your work and life schedule is, you can listen to the hypnosis and utilize the impact of the different brainwave frequencies. It becomes easy for guided meditation or hypnosis to reach the subconscious and replace the negativity with affirmative thoughts.

In short, you cannot completely get rid of limiting beliefs, but you can detach them from your life and not let them destroy your subconscious. We have discussed the ways as given above, but our best recommendation is guided hypnosis. You can find free versions of the same, and they are really impactful. You can even find them for specific limiting beliefs. Another cost-effective way is to frame and repeat affirmations.

We hope you will practice these little things consistently and become the best version of yourselves.

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