Why Are You Manifesting the Opposite of What You Want?

Manifesting the Opposite

“I wanted it so badly to happen. But it is the opposite that is happening right now. What did I do wrong that I am seeking the opposite results for what I had asked the Universe?”

You can find one out of every three people speaking this. They manifest the opposite, and they wonder what wrong they have done. They might be manifesting money, and they notice a pending bill in their mailbox the very next day. They could be manifesting a relationship, and they come across news that the person whom they are seeing is not interested in them anymore. It could be anything and can happen anytime.

Why does this happen to me?

Are You Manifesting the Opposite of What You Want?

This is the instant question that pops up in your mind. In this article, we will discuss the real reasons why you are manifesting the opposite and what you should be doing to make the manifestation happen without any obstacles. We have tips that can cover you up for the loss you have suffered, and you can still receive what you have asked for.

You are desperate to seek the results

We understand that if you want to attract something you like, you want it to happen within a timeline. You cannot wait for a promotion for years or for the soulmate to appear in your life. But time is the factor. If you press on time and are desperate during the entire process, the manifestation results might not appear the way they should be.

If you have sought the opposite results, then you must not have provided sufficient time for it to happen. People are always stressed about time; they want it to happen quickly. But this is the biggest mistake that you make during manifestation.

When your focus is time, you attract more time. It means you are tired of the little waiting period, but you get to wait for more time in return by the Universe. It might also cause stress and frustration, and it results in happening exactly opposite things.

Our pro tip is to stop looking at the watch when you are trying to manifest something. You need to bestow complete faith in the Universe, and the results are guaranteed then. You don’t have to look for the time or check whether it is taking place within the time limit or not. The promotion is on its way; the soulmate is right there! As you keep the faith and are happy with what you have, you can manifest the exact same things quickly.

2. You are needy for the outcome

We know you could be needing something like oxygen right now. But that is what the Universe can figure out with your neediness and over-bugginess (sorry for that word). When you manifest out of a need, you show the Universe that you are lacking something. It means you have a shortage, and this attracts more shortage.

We know that we all ask from the Universe because we need something or someone in our life. But this doesn’t mean you need to be clingy and needy and keep asking the Universe for it all the time.

You need to know that your desires and dreams will be attended to soon and there is no need to be needy. Instead, you need to be joyful and excited for the blessings you are about to receive and those you already have. Believe in miracles and stop being needy.

3. You are still stuck with faulty subconscious thinking patterns

If you have still had those unwanted, conditional thoughts in your subconscious and you have not taken any effort to get rid of them or replace them, it could be a huge problem.

It means you might be manifesting for a big promotion, but you have a limiting belief,

“Promotions are only for those who are from influential families, and I am not.”

If you have such thoughts, you will be manifesting the opposite of what you wanted, and it could be worse, losing the job you already have. You don’t even have an idea how much these limiting beliefs are damaging your entire subconscious mind.

Even if you repeat affirmations and strongly visualize, you have all this negative talk going on in the back of your mind. And this results in the severe chaotic situation for the Universe. It gets confused whether it should listen to your affirmations or the beliefs that you are uttering in your subconscious. As a result, the opposite happens though this is not a technical and mandatory occurrence.

You can use several techniques to set your subconscious on track, such as guided hypnosis. It works wonderfully as your mind is in an about-to-sleep state and is willing to accept the external vibrations and embed them in the mind.

4. You feel bad about yourself and life as a whole

When you apply the Law of Attraction, you are not supposed to feel bad about anything anymore. If you don’t like your existing life or sulk about it, then surely you are going to sulk more in the future. Perhaps, such negative situations will happen if you think that your life is a mess right now.

If you think it is challenging to think good right now, you can visualize and feel the energy and happiness right now. Start your day as if you have achieved all your desires and then experience the sensation. You will love your life right now, and the Universe will bless you with the same.

It could be anything, even a simple cup of your favourite tea, be grateful for it. When you appreciate the things that you have, you seek more opportunities for being grateful. Hence, our tip is to feel good about your current life to attract more similar situations.

5. You speak and act differently

Imagine you are attracting a job promotion into your life. It is a turning point in your career. You repeat affirmations when you wake up and before going to sleep.

But deep inside you, you feel penniless and bad about the current job you have. You even say ill things about your job and Boss and wish that you will never get such a job again. Here, the Universe is tied between vibrations: wanting a job and hatred for a job. It gets confused, and it sends you more hatred towards your job. For instance, you will find another job or seek a promotion, but your Boss and the salary will remain the same.

Hence, you are supposed to use words very carefully. For instance, if you use the word ‘debt-free’ all the time in your affirmations, you will attract more debt and not financial freedom. Similarly, when you attract a new job, you should say something like, “I am happy with my new job,” but don’t say “I will be happy when I get my new job and be relieved from here.” This will create unnecessary chaos.

6. You do not accept the chaos

It is part of Nature to move from one phase of life to another. For instance, trees shed leaves in the fall season, but are ready to bloom in the spring season. Similarly, in life, you might have to end a relationship, start a new friendship, travel to a strange place, or even lose a good job.

It sounds scary for most of us but do remember that it is a redirection phase. It is okay to feel a little sad about the things you lose but don’t worry; you can start celebrating the new phase soon.

To conclude, you can do a lot of reflection and alter your mindset and language if you find that your manifestations are getting reversed without your knowledge. Believe in the manifestation, have faith in the right timing, and accept the sad phase that we all have to go through.

Instant gratification is cool but on the internet. In real life, you have to be a lot more patient and understanding and have faith in your desires and techniques. Understand what you are doing wrong, and then rectify it and start as a new process. You will surely be able to get the manifestations on track.

Hope you fond this guide on dealing with Manifesting the Opposite issue helped you. Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

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