Want to Use Your Orgasm for Manifestation? – Read This

Orgasm for Manifestation

Have you ever thought of utilizing your sexual energies to manifest your desires? Well, you will obviously think that we are bluffing right now. But let us tell you the divine truth: there is a considerable connection between sexual energy and manifestation. You can channel your orgasmic capabilities to achieve money growth or even the dream job or even a soulmate.

Often, people believe that if they need to achieve a certain goal, they need to abstain from all kinds of other desires, especially sexual ones. Several researchers might tell you that sexual intercourse hinders your focus and alertness towards your goals and that they should have abstained completely. But this is not true. We will say that it is partially true.

In this article, we will explain to you in detail the role of sexual energies in the manifestation process using the popular Law of Attraction. We will give you the tips, the science and logic behind the above statement, and many more fascinating facts. So, just tighten your seat belt and get glued to our article; we are sure you will enjoy reading it.

How to utilize orgasm to manifest your desires?

Manifestation is all about the fire beneath you, the energies residing in your body. It is a powerful force of all your organs together, or a single organ working at one time. For example, you can use your mind or your orgasm, one at a time or both together in the manifestation process.

Before we move ahead to the actual tips and process, we would like to stress the sexual energy inside human beings. Though the primary purpose of sexual energy is creation (or procreation in complex language), it is also connected to your mind, body, and soul.

If you are aware of the Law of Attraction, you know much better about the three vital elements – Thought, Emotion, and Action. Right! Now, let us connect these three elements with the sexual energies inside you.

Thought – When someone appreciates or admires you, you process that remark in your mind. Sex starts in your mind when you really feel the connection of the other person.

Emotion – The initial thought process that has just started in your mind leads to several feelings and emotions – joy, happiness, pride, gratitude, confidence, high self-esteem, to name a few. During sex, you may or may not love the person (yeah, we are talking about sex in general and not with a specific person you love and admire). But this sexual intercourse definitely gives rise to tremendous feelings of excitement in your mind.

Action – Due to the sudden emotions, your physical state also undergoes changes such as a rapid increase in your heartbeat, sudden blushing, or even butterflies in your stomach. In sexual activity, sexual energy is created involving sexual organs.

Sexual Energy and Creation – The connection

In many religions and other holy books, you will find that the sole purpose of sex is to create. Yes, producing kids, that’s what we know. But the Law of Attraction researchers state that sex is certainly a creation tool, but it can be utilized to create thoughts or bring desires into reality. Sounds interesting, right?

The Law of Attraction indeed expects action on your part. But you need not stress yourself or indulge in hard work. Instead, it is about releasing your internal and external energy towards the Universe and attracting the same in the form of accomplishments.

Here is what Napoleon Hill states about Sexual Transmutation

“Sex Energy should not be submerged or eliminated.”

This is sufficient to know about sexual transmutation. He does not say that a man has to get involved in rigorous sexual activity or abstain from it completely. But he advises people to take charge of their sexual energies and channelize them in the right direction. The orgasm should not control you. Instead, you should be the controller of your orgasm. When you learn to utilize it with a greater intention and a definite purpose, you can manifest your desires easily. You should control the creative energy that is created due to the sexual organs.

Valuable tips to utilize orgasm for manifestation

1. Indulge in more sexual activity

The point is not to become a sex maniac but to become more sexually involved and keep your sexual organs active and not rest for a longer duration. This will surely amplify the manifestation process. It could be with another person or yourself; it doesn’t matter as long as you feel excited during the process.

Sex makes us feel good and happy, and that is what is important under the Law of Attraction. You can even note down your feelings and emotions in a journal on the days you have sex and the days you don’t have sex. You will notice that you radiate, your face glows, and you are happier than the previous version of yours.

2. Visualize during sexual activity

Here is a direct question for you. What do you do during sexual activity? We have something that you can do and can gain from it. When you have sex, you can visualize the best part of your life or the desire you want to achieve. Well, we don’t expect you to do it in the first instance itself. It takes time to divert from sex and get into the visualization mode. But with practice, you can enter the creative mode and develop a mental image of the desires easily.

For instance, if you wish to manifest a promotion, you can visualize yourself receiving the letter and celebrating your promotion with your loved one. You can visualize this scenario while having sex with your loved one.

3. Repeat affirmations during sexual intercourse

Yes, this is what Law of Attraction is about – affirmations and visualization. But what if you affirm your desires during sexual activity? It will rewire your subconscious, reprogram it, and let you manifest your dreams. Repetition has its own benefits, and when you do it during sex, you apply a greater degree of sexual energies and creative powers.

It might even become your new affirmation routine, but it will take time though.

Do you need sexual intercourse, or is masturbation enough?

When you have sex with another person, you can both manifest, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Moreover, if you have sex with your loved one or when you are in a committed relationship, you can do it for a joint goal or purpose. You can both let each other know your desires, visualize and manifest together. Yes, it is indeed teamwork.

We will surely say that manifesting while hooking up with a fling or an online date would be challenging, as both of your desires will not be at par. But when you do it with your partner, the energies grow exponentially, and you can manifest better.

Now, let us check what happens when you masturbate. It is a private way to charge your sexual energies. You are focused, free to make your decisions, and completely in control of the manifestation process. You can choose to affirm or visualize, and you can do it without letting anyone know. You can create an environment in your room, meditate, use crystals or other resources to charge yourself, play calming music, light candles, use essential oils or do whatever helps you set the mood.

Channelize orgasm through chakras

It might sound complex if you are new to the chakras. If you don’t know about chakras, then they are the energy centres within your body, and each one has a set of striking features. Open chakras will respond to the manifestation process easily as compared to the closed ones. We will brief you about the chakras below:

1. Root Chakra

2. Sacral Chakra

  • Located at your pelvic region, this chakra is connected with emotions and sexual energies.
  • If you want more connection, intimacy, and emotional stability with your current partner, you can utilize this chakra.
  • You can determine an open sacral chakra if you experience an orgasm backed with emotional stability and contentment during intercourse.
  • You can stimulate this chakra with scented candles or aromatic oils.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

  • This chakra is the situation in your stomach area, above your navel.
  • If you want to be more confident and seek more happiness in life, this chakra will bless you with the same.
  • To activate this chakra better, you can take the lead and be the master of the bedroom. You can communicate with your partner accordingly.
  • Yes, it is a natural confidence-booster as you take the initiative in the bed and later in life.

4. Heart Chakra

  • If you want to manifest romantic love or a soulmate or a life partner, you can utilize the heart chakra.
  • You can focus on the center of your chest during sexual activity to activate and charge this chakra.
  • It is more about your relationship with others and the Universe as a whole, so be careful when you do so.

5. Throat Chakra

  • Yes, it is located in your throat, and you can focus on it during sexual intercourse.
  • You can manifest creative and artistic goals and better communication skills with this chakra.

6. Third-eye Chakra

  • Situated between your eyebrows, this chakra is utilized to manifest elevated psychic desires and abilities.
  • When you open this chakra, you can improve your intuition.
  • You can focus on your forehead area during sex and visualize a beam of light coming out of the brows.

7. Crown Chakra

  • Situated at the top of your head, this chakra establishes a strong connection between you and the Universe.
  • You can optimize this chakra to seek signs and signals from the Universe.
  • We are sure you will definitely seek signals when you activate this chakra. But you need to have faith in the Universe and do it right.

Conclusively, when you control your sexual desires and energies, you can manifest a great deal. Your orgasm is powerful, and you need to know this. So embrace this little gift and channelize it to connect with the Universe and achieve your greatest desires and dreams.

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