7 Manifestation Games You Must Try

Manifestation Games or games to manifest? Does this sound intimidating or not really serious, and you wonder whether you will really manifest? Of course, you can manifest when you play because you will be playing in the right way. Plays are never about negative beliefs, self-doubt, and non-faith in the Universe. Instead, playing is about positive and beautiful energy that you can apply and seek wonderful output from it.

In this article, we will discuss such best and effective manifestation games that you can play or implement and seek results the way you had intended. As these games are funnier and more light-hearted, you will feel optimistic about your outcomes and won’t have negative biases towards the final result. It is easy to manifest when you play the games given below.

For most people, manifestation seems to be tedious, impossible, and intensely challenging. This is because you are too serious and diligent in your attitude. You stress yourself, and in the end, you achieve nothing but play hard to manifest. Instead, you can play these manifestation games, keep your heart and brain healthy, and get what you want.

Before we move towards the actual manifestation games, we will elaborate on the basic concept of the manifestation game. What is it, and how does it scientifically manifest in your mind?

Manifestation Games: Meaning

It is simple to define a manifestation game. When you create a reality in your mind with conscious efforts and think it is true and happening, you are playing a manifestation game.

What you think, happens – this is what a manifestation is, and when you apply a playful technique while doing so, it is known as manifestation.

You can call it an exercise or an activity if the ‘game’ word sounds too entertaining to you. Usually, manifestation is considered a strenuous exercise, and people are too grave while discussing it with other like-minded people. But if you call it a game, you can get rid of the severity of this process and make it more manageable and achievable.

These games are suitable for all those who have just started out with the Law of Attraction theory and its implementation. You are so deeply attached to your desires that you do nothing but keep thinking about them constantly. In the Law of Attraction theory, it is important to have solid desires, but you cannot keep them hanging in your mind the whole time. You have to set them right and keep them loose and detach yourself from them when you ask the Universe about the same. The attachment to your dreams and goals could be harmful to your manifestation process, and hence, you should lock it away.

Suppose you have a goal of losing weight of 10 kgs. How do you feel about this goal? If you have most of the physical symptoms of achieving the goal, such as fast heartbeats, the tension in your tummy, butterflies in the stomach, feeling jittery, or your body temperature lowering down than usual, you need to practice manifestation more appropriately. The below games will help you in the process.

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Your feelings are important when you manifest under the Law of Attraction theory. Overwhelm, nervousness, and constant jittery are totally not recommended. To align your feelings and emotions, the following games will immensely help you out.

Is game playing totally worth enhancing manifestation power?

This question will certainly cross your mind if you have been thinking about playing these games. Compare your mind to a body muscle. As you stretch and exercise in the gym, your body will expand the way you want. Similarly, as you start playing these games and believing in the Law of Attraction theory consciously and not unknowingly, your manifestation abilities are sharpened eventually. Your belief and faith in the Law of Attraction theory are equivalent to the power in your manifestation abilities; always remember this.

Your creativity and visualization abilities improve as you engage in these mindful games. Your emotions are on track with the constant effort you put in practising and manifesting small things in your life. You feel a sense of delight and excitement, and your belief in the Law of Attraction theory tightens up with time.

Without wasting more time, let us get to the manifestation games.

Manifestation Games

1. Use creativity for your wonderful manifestations.

You must have heard about the popular scripting and journaling techniques wherein you write to the Universe about the ideal life you want as if it has actually happened to you. Well, it is a great and effective technique, and we are sure with rigorous practice, your manifestation will come true and be evident in the world.

But if you are not good at writing but are proficient in other skills such as drawing, painting, creating, you can try your hands with the same.

You can let your powerful imagination get into the flow and let it coordinate with your hands. Have fun, experiment with a few colours and techniques, get more creative, let the Universe know that you are happy and grateful for the outcomes. During this process, you should feel radiant and affirmative and have a strong belief in your desires.

When you get into a creative process such as crafting or painting, a skill that you like and are passionate about, you will be happy and delighted and will be confident about your goals. Ultimately, you can use the resultant art piece as a vision board for further visualization process.

2. The Water Technique.

It is an easy-peasy method of manifestation. It is simple and can be done anytime and anywhere. Since water is an elixir to life, you will benefit your health by drinking it more and more during the day. Thus, a healthy lifestyle and effective manifestation will go hand in hand in this technique.

Here is how you do it. Take a glass of water, set positive intentions about your goal (even a tiny desire will do, nothing huge required), visualize bright energy penetrating into the water from your hands. You need to feel that the water is getting recharged with the positive energy inside you and the intentions and beliefs you have towards your desire and goal.

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Finally, send some more positive energy to the water and the Universe and drink it slowly.

As you sip on the water, feel that it is helping you seek more energy and raise your vibration and enhance your overall mood. Feel good and happy, and build faith that you are on the right path to your goals.

3. Welcome signs from the Universe.

This is not exactly a game but an effective technique to manifest. When you announce a specific intention to the Universe, you can wait for some signs. And the Universe does that if you have followed the exact process given in the Law of Attraction theory. These signs are a form of guidance from the Universe to carry out your belief and the action you are taking towards the goals.

For instance, if you have made a small intention of getting a phone call from a specific client and you ask for signs in the form of white-coloured puppies. If you follow this right, we are sure you will see white-coloured puppies within 36 hours of the intention.

Signs can be in the form of synchronistic numbers such as 1111, 777 333, 444, 1212, and so on. Or you can ask for a specific sign such as a bird feather, billboards or banners displaying a certain message, or even pink-coloured butterflies or any small animal.

You will be excited to receive such positive signs from the Universe, but your mind can even be a bit rigid and nag you, “Hey, this is not a sign. It is just the internet algorithm or your crazy mind.”

You can be brilliant in choosing and accepting the signs from the Universe or listen to your negative alter ego and be quiet about it.

4. Visualize your bills as cheques.

This sounds crazy, but it can bring a lot of miracles to your financial life. Do you feel dreadful when you receive a bill or a credit card statement in the mail or by courier? Probably, you are frustrated with the weird feeling that you are born to pay bills and not earn money. This is the negative mindset that blocks a person from seeking financial stability and freedom.

This is the game you can play mindfully. When you receive a credit card statement or a bill to pay next time, treat it as a cheque and not a monetary obligation. You should feel grateful about what you have received as revenue or prize money and not a bill to pay. Be joyful of what is inside the envelope and consider the balance amount as the amount you have earned for the hard work you are putting in life.

It seems silly, we know, as we have always been taught to pay bills and treat them as financial burdens and not a sign from the Universe or any Almighty. But when you practice this technique and do not consider bills and card statements as burdens anymore, you will help seek financial stability. You will earn as much as you want, and you will get whatever you need financially in the future.

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5. Visualize getting a call from a specific person.

This game is meant to upgrade your skills and level them up for advanced manifestations. In this game, you need to visualize and utilize your mind and send a telepathic message to a specific person. It could be your partner, an ex-partner, a close friend (who does not call you daily but regularly), or your mother. Once this mind connection is established, you can hope for a message or a phone call from that person.

For example, you can envision a call from a best friend (from school or college) by sending them a telepathic message. Send a mental message to them, and they will surely call you.

You will not believe it, but this game improves and elevates your vibrations and telepathy skills. We will suggest starting this game with the people you are close to and then gradually advancing towards friends with whom you haven’t talked to for ages, ex-partners, or a person with whom you would like to talk but is distant from you.

6. Open an imaginary bank account, save and shop.

Another simple yet effective technique or a manifestation game to play as per the Law of Attraction theory. In this game, you can open an imaginary bank account by saving a spreadsheet or a box of your choice. Then, deposit your initial amount in the amount (no need for actual money, just drop a chit in the box or enter the amount in the spreadsheet).

Experience the wonderful feeling of having money in your bank account and repeatedly depositing in the future. When you have a desire to shop for something luxurious or even basic, imagine withdrawing from this make-believe account and buying it.

Feel the blissful moment when you do each time. As you improve in visualizing and playing this game, you will notice more revenue in your real bank account, letting you shop and spend the way you want.

7. The Imaginary Note in the Wallet.

This is the last game that we will discuss with you to manifest your desires. This game is for those who want to achieve financial desires and liberty. You can keep a real note of a certain amount in your wallet or even visualize the same. Feel that you have this amount of money all the time in your wallet. When you are enticed to buy something, visualize spending it from the said amount. And again, imagine that you have retained the same amount in your wallet. In this way, you will feel that you are spending as well as possessing money in your wallet, and nothing is draining from it.

This subconscious thought will let you achieve financial freedom, and you will never experience a lack of money in the future.

You can find more manifestation games such as hidden treasure house and more, but we have described only the seven effective ones for you. If you want to share your views on our compilation then please let us know in the comments section.

Thanks and Happy Manifesting!

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