How to Manifest and Get Your Ex Back in 30 Days?

How to Get Your Ex Back in 30 Days

Do you believe that with manifestation techniques you can get your ex back in 30 days? Yes, you can. Let’s know how in this article!

If you have gone through a heartbreak recently and are out of a loving and caring relationship, you are probably vulnerable and emotional right now. Maybe, you spend the whole day wondering what went wrong and whether you or your ex were responsible for the break-up. You must have gotten bitter about your relationships, and you are going with the flow of life, not pursuing your work and personal life with passion.

We understand your miserable situation. You go through sleepless nights, and you are a fragile, broken heart, and your friends and family are there for you. And sometimes, you even try to reach out to him, but there is no response from the other side. Maybe, he has moved on, or he is into another relationship. But how can this happen? You are soulmates, and you had manifested an ideal life with him. Remember the first time you met, the moment he proposed, and all the pleasant moments you spent together weren’t fake; all was real.

Coming back to reality, you have understood the pain of losing him, and you do not want to live the rest of your valuable life with regrets and without him. You can win your love back and have him in your life for eternity with the Law of Attraction. The following sequential guide will provide you with sufficient details on how to get your ex back.

How to Manifest and Get Your Ex Back in 30 Days with Law of Attraction?

1. Realize that you can actually manifest your ex back

You will meet a lot of people who will advise you not to call or text your ex again and not think about them. Yes, these are negative people who understand the importance of a true soulmate in your life. They might not have noticed your bonding, but they must have surely seen how you guys broke up. A break-up is not the end of a loving relationship; it could be a stage of a relationship. Maybe it is a growth phase; you and your partner need some space to grow and discover your own strengths and weaknesses.

Now, let us get to the Law of Attraction. You do not have to give upon your ex just because someone thinks it is a bad decision. It was your decision to be with them and then to break with them. Hence, do not let anyone intervene in your life.

Do the thing that makes you happy. If you feel happy when you are with your ex, it means you want them back. But if you feel insecure and uncomfortable imagining yourself with your ex, then he isn’t the right person for you. If the issue over which you broke up is trivial and not a major one, you can think of getting back to your ex. If there is a misunderstanding, then you should take the initiative to resolve it at the earliest.

In short, you know what works for you, and the Law of Attraction will create that reality for you. Just determine whether you want them in your life or not.

2. Understand the importance of free will

Once you make your decision to manifest your ex, you need to consider the free will of your ex too. What is their intention? It matters a lot. Suppose they do not want to manifest or be with you; you cannot do anything. Free will influences what you want to manifest. You cannot consciously manifest a desire when it has been counter-manifested by the other person.

This is because our energies vibrate at varying frequencies. Your desires cannot align with those of another person. But let us tell you the good news is that free will can be affected or influenced by another. When your ex’s resistance declines gradually, and their frequencies are aligned with yours, you can experience the change in your relationship.

3. Assign sufficient space to your ex

To break your ex’s resistance, you need to take this first step by allocating sufficient space to them. This might not be a vital component of the Law of Attraction, but you need to consider this aspect. As your manifestations are important, your ex’s manifestations are also equally crucial. There is no use in chasing someone who doesn’t desire you at all in the first place.

The best way to assign space to your ex is by adopting the no-contact strategy. When there is a breakup, it is nature’s way of realigning ourselves as individuals. Maybe you need to be extra caring and compassionate towards people or you need to be concerned about your partner. Hence, set a time of 30 days and do not contact your ex. Let them have some me-time to clear their minds and think about their relationship.

During these 30 days of no-contact, you are not allowed to call, message, interact on social media or respond to their messages and calls. During this period, your ex will not forget you but will let go of the negative emotions attached to you. They will find time to rediscover your identity and realize your importance. Even if you come across them, say a casual “Hi,” but do not hang in there to continue talking. No matter how indifferent your ex’s manifestations are, this no-contact period is the time when they will break those desires and build a strong base to get you back in life. They will recollect the good times they spent with you, and it will get into their subconscious.

4. Keep a low profile on social media

You might be having your ex on your social media contacts; there is no need to block them. Moreover, you do not have to post often to let your ex-partner view how good you are doing in your life. Instead, you need to do the opposite. Unfollow your ex so that they do not know anything personal about your life. If you are still in touch with them on social media, it is likely to contact them.

Well, there is nothing offensive about contacting your ex on social media, but it seriously hampers your manifestation process. If you are constantly active on social media through daily posts, your ex will never miss you or recognize your absence in their life. They need a break, and hence, you need to be absent on social media. If you post your party pics or those of hanging out with your friends, it will show that you are trying to hide your current reality.

Hence, do not try to post as a victim or a damsel in distress of your life. Be positive and post something light and optimistic once in a while. Your image should depict positivity and be less active on social media platforms.

5. Be productive and happy during the no-contact period

The question arises – what will you be doing during the no-contact period? Well, you don’t have to be too gloomy or too happy or adopt any extreme route to let go of your ex. Continue with your manifestation techniques to bring your ex back without contact with them. You can create affirmations and repeat them, ensuring that you are specific while doing this. You can visualize you two getting together. To avoid contact, you have to work on yourself and not wonder about the future of your relationship.

Take constructive steps to get busy and productive. It doesn’t mean you have to work or study for 15 hours and skip meals. You can work on your personal development activities and feel great. Adopt a positive, growth mindset and qualities that you admire in yourself. When you work on yourself, your mind will stop thinking of ways to contact your ex. Moreover, you will overcome the flaws that resulted in your past relationship.

Following are a few ways of personal development that you can undertake during the no-contact period:

  1. Set personal goals, including fitness (but plan out how to get your ex back, you have already covered it in the manifestation techniques).
  2. Meditate, do yoga or Pilates, something relaxing for your body and mind.
  3. Hit the gym floor or participate in your favorite sports.
  4. Nourish your body with healthy foods. Skip junk or fast foods that make you feel crappy.
  5. Enjoy a cheat meal sometimes but don’t rely on comfort food for happiness.
  6. Spend time with your family, make new like-minded friends, enjoy yourself with old friends.
  7. Move around and get out of the house, especially in the mornings when a brisk walk is enjoyable.
  8. Read good books, including fiction.
  9. Learn something that you have always wanted to do for days.
  10. Go on a phone detox or delete an unnecessary social media app.
  11. Self-love, do not criticize, uplift your spirits when you feel low about yourself.

Meditation helps a lot, so make an effort to add it to your routine. During the meditation routine, ensure that you work on your attitude, stay calm and accept yourself. When you do the above steps or try to implement some of those, you become the best version of yourself that your ex will be attracted to and you will be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manifestation to Get Your Ex Back in 30 Days

You have followed the above process diligently. But you might have questions as below:

1. What if my ex approaches me during the no-contact period? Is it a kind of manifestation, and can I stop the no-contact period immediately?

Answer: Our suggestion is not to respond and assume that the desire has been manifested. If there is something urgent, it is okay to reply, but not get too emotional or flirt with them. Do not even use emojis as they tell a lot about your mindset. Even if they ask you about your well-being, be indifferent. You need to let them guess what you are feeling and not disclose your emotions instantly.

If you talk to them before soul searching, you will never rediscover yourself and resolve the reason why you guys broke up. The foundation work will never be done, and you will stick back in a needy and clingy mode. Hence, trust the Universe and do not initiate any communication even if your ex-partner contacts you. The 30-day period is not only good for you but also beneficial for your ex.

2. What am I supposed to do after the 30-day no-contact period?

Answer: After the 30-days period, your ex’s resistance not to manifest you must have dropped significantly. It is the right time to text or call your ex. However, you should not directly ask them to be a part of your life but try to seek their input or time. You will not be chasing them, but just drop a breezy message and appear in front of them on text or social media.

You could ask them to help you with an application letter or ask for the café you both had visited once. But don’t ask them to join you anywhere. Moreover, express your concern in the message. Do not say that you were worried about them; just ensure that everything is well at their end.

The key is not to be desperate or clingy. Just keep things simple, and you will attract the same.

3. What usually happens after the 30-contact period?

Answer: If you want to know beforehand what happens after the 30-contact period, then the following are the two possibilities.

  1. Your ex will message or call you after 7-14 days and try to initiate a conversation. Ensure that you don’t bring out the breakup or the reasons. Also, do not be over-friendly or chatty with them. Just keep it simple and light and end it soon. You need to restart a fresh relationship gradually and not rush things.
  2. Restart the no-contact period if there is no response from your ex – It is heart-breaking to know that your ex has not contacted you at all after the 30-day contact period. Do not worry, it seems you have not been manifesting in the right way, or your ex needs more time to break the resistance. Build faith in the Universe and restart another 30-day no-contact period. After 60 days of the no-contact period, send him a message but keep it simple. You will notice that there is a spark of a relationship, and your ex’s attitude has changed. We are sure as several practitioners of Law of Attraction have manifested their exes with this technique. The primary thing is to refresh the relationship and increase its value and meaning than the earlier one. Recharge your energies, channel your faith and trust in the Universe and reframe your affirmations. As you sharpen these elements, you will find your desire manifesting soon.

To sum it up, the Law of Attraction works fantastically in manifesting your ex with the above 30-day no-contact strategy. You might notice that you will see signs and synchronicities from the Universe. Maybe you will learn about a new manifestation program that teaches your visualization in the right way. Or you can determine the reasons why you break, and you change your mindset accordingly. So, look out for the signs and trust the Universe during this process.

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