How to Supercharge Your Manifestation Power Using Money Rituals?

Money Rituals and Manifestation

Have you ever practiced a ritual? Maybe, you practice them as religious practices or even spiritual guidelines. You might be even having a bedroom ritual in place before you go off to sleep when you try to catch up some sound sleep. We do it consciously and subconsciously, and we sometimes even fail to understand we have a few in our system.

However, when it comes to money rituals, they need to be executed only with the consultation of a spiritual mentor or by referring to a good book. Rituals change with every person. What works for you best will not work for your friend. So, in this article, let us find out the meaning of money rituals and a few concrete rituals to supercharge your manifestation abilities.

Meaning: Money Rituals

The physical deeds that we undertake to release money-attracting vibrations of frequencies in our external setting are money rituals. To let the ritual supercharge your intention and send it to the Universe, one needs to apply three forces: thought, emotion, and physical action.

Money Rituals and Law of Attraction

When you wake up (early) in the morning, you drink a glass of water, grab a fruit and do yoga. You do all these rituals because you have set an intention that you want to be fit and healthy. You intend to see yourself as a healthy and successful person who exercises in the morning and believes in nurturing well-being.

Your intent is also largely influenced by the energy surrounding you. When you combine intent with thought, emotions, and subsequent action, it acquires power.

Each person has a set of rituals, and each one of them has the power to bring about the result. One can never differentiate them as right rituals or wrong rituals as each of them is significant and aligns with your desires.

Usage of Money Rituals with the Law of Attraction

Money Rituals and Law of Attraction

As we know very well that the three pillars of the Law of Attraction are thought, emotion and action. When these three factors combine together, they release a vibration that is powerful to the frequency of the physical desires. When your consciousness creates a high magnetic force, it turns your desires into reality.

You are getting prepared for a meeting that will decide your job promotion and the next overseas trip. With clear intent, you decide to put on a fresh-coloured tie for the big day. You subconsciously set an intention and follow a ritual to look more presentable in front of the people who will decide your career.

Let us go through the three pillars carefully.

Thought – As you wear the tie and light a candle in the meeting room, you think and envision the smooth functioning of the meeting. You can imagine and visualize that each moment is passing the way you wanted.

Emotion – You can feel happiness and joy as your idea is well-accepted and appreciated by the meeting participants. They consider your appraisals and encourage you with the much-desired emotion.

Action – You can light the candle and wear the tie as a concrete action step to solidify your promotion desires. You can light the candle just for this reason and not any other.

In the above way, you can use money rituals and supercharge your manifestation process. Following are the money rituals you can follow easily and see the impact.

1. Scripting

This is a popular manifestation technique, and we cannot say enough about scripting. In scripting, you write a story as if you are the protagonist. You write about your ideal life, your dream getting accomplished, and your desires being achieved one by one. You can record all the scripts in one single book and read it over and again to experience the blissful moments.

Remember that you are supposed to write in the present or present perfect tense and not in the future tense. You should write as if you already have the thing that you want or are attracted for. Write from the third-person viewpoint and portray it as if you are describing it to your friend or a loved one. You should write as if it has been an adventure that you are living your dream life.

If you want to add a little tint of fiction, then use a pen name and not your real name and create some imaginary situations and characters. You should feel happy while doing this and not feel like a writing responsibility or a burden.

2. Pretending or Acting as if …something incredible has happened

Another visualization ritual that can be used as a money ritual to manifest your desires is acting or pretending as if something has taken place in your life and you already have it. If you don’t have the time and liberty to follow any affirmation or visualization routine, then this ritual comes to the rescue. You not only visualize your life happening in a certain way but also act that you are in it.

For instance, you are still waiting for a promotion at your job while you are still at the junior level. You might be envisioning a wonderful holiday in Paris or Hawaii, but you are relaxing in your bed.

When you act as if you have secured the promotion or are on a dream holiday, you bring together the three elements of Law of Attraction, thought, emotion and action. You think about it, you feel happy, and you are taking action as you are pretending to be present.

When you act in a certain way, your subconscious mind is well-convinced that the manifestation of your desires has already taken place. Your mindset is created, and it emits the frequency of the highest range. With the new, altered mindset, you can attract opportunities and money into your life.

3. Use sage to build a positive environment

Sage is widely used by house owners to clear up negative energy around you. But sage can also be used to set a fresh intention. The best way is to use sage with a solid affirmation like something, “I am attracting money into my life.”

As you practice this ritual, you will be emitting a high frequency and creating a money-building mindset. You can even use sage and focus on your work-related equipment such as your laptop, camera, and other devices.

4. Use candles to set an intent

If sage looks too much for you, you can start lighting candles and setting a solid intent. It doesn’t take any extra effort as candles are easily available in our house (it could be the power cut problem or the candlelight dinner occasion). Light it up and set an intent – sounds easy right?

You can also visualize it while lighting the candles but ensure that you are fully focused. You should not have other thoughts when you are doing this.

You can light 8 green candles. Why 8 green candles? It is because green is the colour of money and 8 is the number of abundance. You can even use an aromatic essential oil such as wild orange in a diffuser to create a pleasant setting. You can have a  nice bath or a shower, or you can meditate when you do this. It is essential to relax and not be desperate about the intention you have set. Ensure that it is a money-based intention as the green candles will help you achieve it.

5. Burn the affirmations

No, this ritual does not denote any devastation. It is carried out like a sacred ritual. It is the combination of reciting affirmations and burning them. For this particular ritual, you will need a pen and paper to write the affirmation, of course. Also, you will need a device to light fire and a bowl. Ensure that you choose to do this ritual in a well-ventilated area.

Clear your mind as it should not be boggled with thoughts. Then, write down the affirmation on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl. Note that you should focus on one affirmation at a time and not confuse the Universe. Light the paper with fire and visualize your desire getting manifested. Yes, you need to be happy when you see the piece of paper burning. As the smoke floats in the air, you need to visualize it as the message dispatched to the source of energy. Be quiet for a time and take time to connect to the Universe, and send a verbal message as a token of gratitude.

6. Meditate using crystals

Some people swear by crystals, and they have found them valuable in their lives. You could also be the next person experiencing the incredible benefits of crystals. Crystals are responsible for elevating the frequency that you emit during the visualization or meditating process. The amplification of energies takes place tenfold.

However, you ought to know the crystals used for money rituals in the right manner. Citrine and Clear Quartz are the two crystals that can be used to manifest money-related desires using the Law of Attraction. You can create an actual meditation environment with these two crystals, some candles and aroma oils, soothing music, and a meditation track. This should be done in your free time where you will not be distracted. Meditation is different for everyone; you might take ten minutes while your partner will take only one minute. Hence, be careful when you do so.

When you enter the meditative state, ensure that you emphasize only one desire and repeat the affirmation in mind. Develop a visualization scenario, and it should not be different from that of the affirmation that you repeat. You can even resort to a guided meditation routine if it is challenging for you to focus and meditate.

7. Take the help of the New Moon to manifest

Moon has an influence on us as we are 80 percent water. New Moon refers to a new, fresh start and setting of new goals and intentions in life. Hence, the New Moon could be the best time to practice a money ritual and give a head start to your financial abundance in life.

It all depends on you how you want to practice this ritual in the presence of the New Moon. For instance, you can check your astronomical chart and start a ritual based on the same. Yes, an expert opinion is highly recommended in such cases. Alternatively, you write down your money-based desires in a manifestation journal. You can even keep the crystal, Citrine in your pocket or meditate with it on the New Moon night. Since Citrine is the crystal of abundance, you can even place it under the pillow and experience its benefits.

Conclusively, incorporating a money ritual in your manifestation process helps a lot and lets you seek the easy accomplishment of money goals. You can act or meditate using crystals on a New Moon or script down your ideal life. There’s a lot to do if you want to build the right healthy mindset.

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