17 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Overcome for Better Manifestation

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs?

Do you find yourself self-doubting or blaming others while you manifest? Of course, you cannot manifest in such a state of mind. Probably, you must have read hundreds of books about the Law of Attraction, experimented with a couple of techniques, and been disappointed as there has been no significant change in your life? Then, you find that your best friend has manifested his dream car, and your cousin is on his way to buy a new house. And you wonder, “Why me? Why me?”

It is not because the Law of Attraction is not working for you, but you are blocked by the limiting beliefs of your mind. For years, limiting beliefs have been haunting people and not letting them manifest their desires. If you have a limiting belief (no matter how tiny it seems to be), it proves as a barrier to manifestation. We will acquaint you with the popular limiting beliefs. Yes, you can skip a few of them if they do not occur in your mind often. But we will suggest going through it all at least once as it will elevate your mindset.

Let us first understand something about limiting beliefs before we even overcome them eventually.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the deeply-rooted thoughts and opinions about yourself that obstruct you reaching the optimum state. These thoughts do not let you grow and enrich your life but let you stay in your comfort zone. You might feel you are safe, but after a while, you feel that you have not grown or expanded your potential for a few silly reasons. When you get too associated with these negative thoughts, they do not let you manifest. You doubt yourself and the Universe, and you feel more frustrated that your manifestation is not on its way.

Hence, it is a crucial need to release yourself from limiting beliefs. You can achieve anything you want or desire when the limiting beliefs are out of the way.

Reasons for having limiting beliefs in our mind

Limiting beliefs is not your enemy. They are created by your mind as a defense and work as a protective shield. So, whenever you have a limiting belief, don’t blame yourself. It is a sign of intelligence and good news that your ego is working. Your ego works like the one in the primitive age. Yeah, it helps you to survive.

Change is risky, and growth is subject to challenges. Hence, we have built these limiting beliefs that protect us several times from unforeseen circumstances. But in the modern world, when you try to manifest desires, you feel frustrated when you have to face negative thoughts. So, it is your responsibility to get rid of these thoughts and build your mindset instead.

You cannot get rid of them; you need to resist them. You need to stop them from overcrowding your mind. You need to detach from the idea that they are true and believe more in yourself. When we acknowledge and accept our defense forces, our subconscious mind is re-trained.

How do limiting beliefs form in your mind?

Mostly, limiting beliefs form during childhood. Moreover, the surrounding and social factors also influence your mind. For example, if you were born in a middle-class family, you must have learned to adjust and not dream big. Your neighbourhood is also full of similar people, and you had conditioned your mind that you will restrict your life in that place. You must have heard that you should never think of starting a business, or you will lose all money. You should not buy a car as it will get stolen. You should not invest in mutual funds and stock because they are a total waste of time and money. As a result, you develop several limiting beliefs that are stopping you from financial abundance.
Some people stick to these limiting beliefs for life, but some get over them. They are more inclined towards happy and joyous feelings and do not take fear and self-doubt in. Some even take steps to reframe their conscious mind and create thoughtful patterns. You can use several techniques such as affirmations, Subliminals, and hypnosis to release the limiting beliefs. Let us go through some of the limiting beliefs below.

17 Different Overcome Limiting Beliefs You Should Overcome

1. I don’t get anything easily. I have to work hard all the time for success

It is a limiting belief to rely on hard work and not believe in the Universe. When the Universe is present with you, you do not have to do hard work blindly. You might feel you need to work hard, and hence, you browse and implement all the manifestations given on the internet. You will feel that when you repeat an affirmation a thousand times, you will feel better and manifest soon.

But you need to believe that the Universe is mysterious and can bless you in multiple ways. Believe that easiness is the key and not hard work to manifest.

2. I do not deserve to be successful with my desires

If you have always been held guilty for each action you have taken since childhood, you are bound to develop this limiting belief. Just replace this belief with an affirmation, “I deserve everything I need and deserve in this world.” You should not hold yourself back because someone thinks and says to you that you do not deserve anything.

3. I am not brilliant enough to achieve success

Society believes that you need to be ultra-smart to achieve success or you should be a genius. Well, it is not true, but it has created a place in your mind as a limiting belief. You need to understand that as you grow and evolve, you become wise and educated.

Something that is known to you might not serve the same value for another person. So, replace this limiting belief with an affirmation saying, “I am smart and educated enough to follow my own path.”

4. If I achieve success, I will be happy

These ‘if’ statements are certainly distracting for your mind and are rooted like a strong limiting belief, blocking your way to manifestation. It acts like a loop as you keep on framing conditional statements regarding your happiness. But if you do not replace this belief, you will never manifest anything in your life.

You do not have to search for external things or success to be happy. You own the key to happiness. You need to understand what happiness is for you and then reframe this belief with an affirmation, “I am happy, and I deserve it. I am more focused on the present moment, and it makes me happy.”

5. It is taking too long to manifest. I can’t wait for it

If you have set a specific timeline for manifestation, it is obvious to be desperate and longing for it. This feeling is all about the frustration you have since you have to wait longer. First, you need to know the importance of perfect timing and acknowledge it. Secondly, you need to understand that on a physical level, you need to adhere to the physical rules.

Do not expect your life partner to appear on the door the next day. The Universe will send you signals to help you land at the right places and meet your future partner. When it is not manifested, it doesn’t mean it will never be sent if you wait. It is a work in progress. So, repeat this affirmation if you have this limiting belief, “I respect perfect timing, and my manifestation is on its way.”

6. I feel guilty for taking breaks when I was supposed to work on my desires

When you feel guilty all the time, you are on a low vibration which is not advisable for the Law of Attraction. We know you work constructively towards your goals, but you deserve a break sometimes. You don’t have to enter tunnel vision and become a robot for your desires. Instead, you should feel the break and take the rest to recharge your energies.

7. My family has always been mediocre, and so, I will never achieve anything special

It is okay to seek guidance from your family members, but they don’t define you and your success completely. You can be the person to break the loop, aim for something unique and achieve it. You can seek love or money that your parents have never experienced, or you could win the next Nobel Prize. You deserve greatness and success, and you will do it.

8. If I get out of my comfort zone and strive for success, I will be judged by everyone

Don’t let others’ feelings become your worst fears. You are the creator of your success, and there is no shame in that. If you want to be as successful as the famous people in the world, then ignore the haters. You can control the way you react, acknowledge, and respond to these judgments. When you achieve success, you will feel proud of yourself that you didn’t stop because of these fears and overcame them.

9. People who make money are evil

Money is the primary cause of evil; we know this statement very well. We can’t go back to time and love in the barter system. And what does it take to exchange a loaf of bread with a piece of paper and not an apple? Money makes you liberated, and can do a lot when you seek financial abundance.

Money is an intention that you place and if you want to manifest more money without such feelings, say, “I seek financial abundance to make this world a better place to live.”

10. I will be heartbroken if I ever find love in life

Suppose you have experienced heartbreak or witnessed it. This limiting belief will never let you manifest love, and even if you seek it, it might result in disappointment. Love yourself first before you expect love from others. Repeat the affirmation, “I love myself, and I deserve love in this world.”

11. It takes money to earn more money in life

This belief will never let you earn money if you are broke right now. Hence, you should be grateful for all the challenges you have overcome with strength and believe in abundance. You should not start your manifestation journey with lack but with a blessing. You can say to yourself, “I am happy and grateful for the blessings in life, and I know more is yet to come.”

12. It is hard to manifest

When you over-think and wonder why your manifestation techniques are not working, this belief pops up gradually. If you think it is challenging to manifest, it will become more tedious for you. Let us tell you the truth; it is not hard to manifest. So, just believe in this and reframe your thoughts. Set small goals, and you will seek confidence as you achieve them. Repeat to yourself, “I manifest easily.”

13. I deserve to be depressed

It is okay to feel low and sad at times, but it doesn’t mean you should cover yourself with the depressed feelings and shriek away the positivity. Moreover, you cannot be positive all the time; there will be highs and lows. If you focus on the depression part for longer, it will become your conscious and subconscious feeling, and you will attract the same. Just shift your attention, run errands, read something, take a walk. If you keep on thinking about why you are negative, you will never find the answers.

14. I can’t believe in myself as I will be sad if I fail in my desires

The root reason for this belief is fear. This will keep you in your comfort zone and never let you take a step ahead towards your goals. Some people are so scared of repetitive failures that they don’t want to put in the effort. They always feel that their desires will never be fulfilled, which will disappoint them more. Just say, “I believe in my success,” and feel the emotion and highest vibration level.

15. I cannot achieve success because I am too old

Age is a number, but it is not an obstacle to the Law of Attraction. You don’t have the excuse to give up on your desires because you have turned 30 or 40. You deserve greatness, and you can achieve it at any age. It is about you and not the number of revolutions you have taken.

16. Life is not fair. Life is not easy

Life is not a straight line, but it doesn’t mean it is too hard to live or too unfair to trust anyone. Remember the little, good moments in your life and be happy for them. If you think life is a challenge, it will be full of challenges. If you think life is an adventure, you will face more adventures in life. It depends on your outlook towards life, and you will get the same.

Don’t be hard on your life and treat it like a punishment. Enjoy every moment. It doesn’t mean you have to jump up and down all the time, but be grateful for the moments you spend.

17. I am scared of change

Yes, change is full of challenges, but you cannot avoid it. If you want something, it is obvious to go through changes. The ego works in the primitive change and sets resistance towards change. You have to fight back and accept the change positively. If you want to get married, your life will change. Accept the sweet feelings attached to the small changes, and you will fall in love with them. If you are scared of the good things in life, it will act as a barrier to manifestation.

To summarize, limiting beliefs will never let you manifest what you want, and you need to replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations. We hope the above details about limiting beliefs will be of immense help to you.

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