Money Manifesting : How to Know Money is Coming Your Way?

Money Manifesting : 9 Signs That Money is Coming to You

We believe you are an awesome person. You have got rid of all the limiting beliefs relating to financial abundance. You have changed your overall perspective towards money. You have gained your deep faith in the Universe and believe that it is helping your manifest money as much as you want. Moreover, you implement the manifestation techniques and visualize, meditate, script or journal with emotions. You are not doubtful about the Universal capabilities, but you wonder whether you are on the right track or not.

“When will I see money coming towards me?”

“Have I worked as per my intentions?”

“How can I believe that my manifestation techniques are working properly?”

So, if you are not aware of the financial abundance and money manifesting for you, then the following are the signs you can check for.

9 Signs Money is Coming to You with Money Manifesting

1. You can find money anywhere

People often find a currency note or a few coins lying around anywhere on the street. Have you noticed it yourself? Then, yes, you are manifesting. Now, you might think it is silly as you will be picking up others’ hard-earned money. But it is not the case in the Law of Attraction. You can even find money in your old jeans pocket, and you have forgotten it long back.

It is not other people’s money; it is random money and a sign from the Universe that you will be manifesting huge amounts of it soon. When you find such random money (we know it will be a small amount), feel good about yourself and express gratitude and attract the like from the Universe. When you express such positive signs of love and appreciation towards money, you will find that the Universe is happy to know it and will acknowledge you. As a result, you will find more and higher amounts of money entering your wallets and bank accounts with higher frequency.

If you keep a record of such small amounts you find randomly; you can express gratitude more and document your manifestation journey.

2. You find that your friends or acquaintances are manifesting money

What do you do when you find your friend seeking a salary hike or your neighbour winning a lottery ticket? Or it could be someone in your office going on a lavish vacation and staying in an expensive villa. What do you feel? If you are jealous or feel bad that others are earning and succeeding while you are not, then you have to change your feelings.

If you feel jealous and bad (and even bad-mouth others for their success), you attract the same from the Universe. The right thing to do is feel happy and believe that the Universe is making your manifestation package ready. You might not feel yourself on the list, but the Universe is on its way, and hence, you can see others manifesting money. So, when you see others succeed and earning abundance, feel good about them and express gratitude towards the Universe. You are a part of the Universe, and yours is coming soon.

3. You feel optimistic about money

When you see money or think about money, you are no longer anxious or nervous about it. Probably, you had a terrible past about money while growing up. People shamed you for being broke, or your parents conditioned you about money badly in your childhood. As a result, you developed a negative attitude towards money. But now, as you have worked on your subconscious mind and rewired it, you feel good about money and are happy when it is you.

You can do a visualization exercise and imagine yourself carrying a stack of money of significant amounts in both of your hands. If you feel good while holding them, then it is a good sign. If you are not stressed or sad about having money or when you think about money (even bills) but are excited and happy about it, you are on the right track of vibrations with the Universe.

4. You notice new attractive opportunities opening up

When your and Universal frequencies are in the right alignment, you can notice that opportunities of financial abundance are cropping up and reaching your way. However, you need to be alert enough to spot these avenues and grab all the opportunities. A good job opening might come your way, but if you don’t apply for it and wait for the Universe to send a thousand dollars directly, that will not happen. Just believe that these opportunities have come up for a reason and are sent by the Universe. These opportunities are nothing but guidance to walk along the right path.

5. You find realistic discounts and deals everywhere

Of course, it is EOSS; you can find plenty of discounts and sales everywhere. But if you find an attractive discount or a sale out of nowhere, it is a sign from the Universe that you will soon be manifesting money. This is a practical way to save your wallet, and you need to acknowledge and express gratitude for the same.

It also means you are implementing the manifestation techniques correctly, and you need to continue with the same. Therefore, invest these savings and consider them as blessings, and you can attract similar blessings from the Universe in the near future.

6. You have dreams of money

Yeah, dreams are an amazing way of communication by the Universe with its audience. The dream world is the non-physical world and is created by the thoughts and feelings you have in your subconscious. When you have money dreams, it means it has been rooted in your subconscious, and you can manifest it soon. Please note that when we mention dreams, these are the sweet dreams about money and not stressful or weird things about money.

Since you have manifested money in the non-physical world (dreams), it can be soon witnessed in the physical world. You can maintain a dream journal and record all the dreams that have come to (money-specific). Also, note what kind of emotions you had while dreaming and when you wake up after dreaming about money.

7. You see number 8 everywhere

When it comes to money and financial abundance, the number 8 has a lot of significance. When you see the number 8 appearing in your life, it is a strong sign from the Universe. 8 is an infinity sign and symbolizes a steady flow of wealth and money in a person’s life. So, if you notice the number 8 in repetition, such as 888, 8888 on number plates, bills, clocks, and timers, you can expect money to arrive from all sides. You are guided by the Universe, and number 8 is your companion in this journey.

8. You have an itchy palm

There have been stories in the past when people with itchy palms purchased lottery tickets and won significant amounts of them. We don’t suggest you resort to the wrong methods of gambling to attract money. But if you have an itchy palm all of a sudden, you can keep believing and continuing with your efforts and not call it quits.

9. You receive a blessing from the above

It means a bird pooped on you or made your shoulder dirty. It might sound weird for some of you, but it is absolutely true. So, if you receive a blessing from the above, do not feel bad or curse the bird or your damn bad luck, but consider yourself a lucky person and expect a fortune.

So, if you notice any of these signs or a combination of any of these, consider yourself guided and loved by the Universe. And if you are not, then don’t worry. You simply need to make your belief in the Universe firmer and tweak some of the manifestation techniques. Money is on your way, keep saying this with emotion, and the next sign will be on its way.

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