How to Achieve a Desire Using the 369-Manifestation Technique?

369 Manifestation Technique to Manifest Your Desires

If you are a great follower of the Law of Attraction and a TikTok viewer, you must have been acquainted with the 369-manifestation technique. You must have seen how people have achieved their desires from manifesting their crush to buying the dream car, all due to this amazing technique of manifestation. It isn’t a gimmick for sure, but if you implement it without knowing the facts, process, and the right mindset, you will never get there.

Instagram, YouTube, and other channels are cool, but you ought to know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ beyond this technique and not blindly adhere to it. There is genuine power associated with these numbers, and you have to utilize them effectively for the manifestation of your desires.

We understand your confusion, and that’s why we have curated this article exclusively to utilize 369 manifestations very well. We have provided solid reasons to use this technique and the process to implement the same.

369 Technique: The Meaning

One of the powerful and popular techniques of the Law of Attraction, 369 technique helps you attract whatever you want and manifest your desires into reality. It could be financial abundance, a loving relationship, a beautiful house, or a dream vacation.

You are supposed to write down your desires with emotion in the following manner:

  • Morning – 3 times.
  • Afternoon – 6 times
  • Night – 9 times.

Repeat this process for nearly 33-45 days, and then you are supposed not to hold the same and let all these desires go. Just leave it to the Universe, and you will witness it manifesting soon.

You can find several variations in this technique, but this helps you focus on one particular desire more effectively. You are focused on one desire three times a day and do not let your mind wander. As a result, the Universe knows and confirms with you about one single desire and blesses you with the same.

So, as you start out with this technique, choose one desire, and you will observe the results. Then, you can add more desires in the future.

Why the 369-manifestation technique?

This technique seeks inspiration from the eminent scientist and personality Nikola Tesla. He was a prominent inventor during the 1800s, and he has found enough importance in the numbers 3,6, and 9. However, his theory regarding 3,6, and 9 was not recognized adequately back then compared to his inventions of the radio, A.C., and remote control.

He has stated that no matter how many times you divide a circle that adds up to 360 degrees, it will provide you the final result of the numbers – 3,6, and 9. He also purported that if one understands the huge incredibility in the numbers 3,6, and 9, they can achieve any goal in life.

Hence, the researchers and learners of Law of Attraction attached the theory of 3,6, and 9 of Tesla with the current Law and came up with this manifestation technique.

How to achieve a desire using 369 techniques?

Even if we have described the technique in the meaning section of this article, we would like to stretch the process below. This is because we want you to do it right and not randomly.

1. Choose your goal or desire

We have seen people confused with their list of desires that they cannot choose one for this technique. If you have a problem with these desires, you need to get everything sorted and choose one that is your ultimate priority now. Ask yourself a simple question, “What is that one thing I need now which will make life a little better?” Go for that desire as it comes to your mind.

If you have been worried about a particular thing in life that keeps you awake till midnight, you need to choose that first and not a fancy desire. So, once you do this, move on and find powerful affirmations.

2. Choose your customized affirmations

Writing down your desire could be like, “I want ….” and not “I have…..” This goes contradictory as per the Law of Attraction. Hence, frame affirmations as you choose desires, and while writing them down. Affirmations are powerful, and they are written in the present tense, “I am …”

It is a simple-looking yet powerful mantra that helps you manifest what you want in life. You can draft affirmations as per your desires and not choose something generic from the internet. Remember, you shouldn’t sound stressed out or desperate while drafting an affirmation. Some of the commonly used affirmations are as follows:

“I am grateful for my perfect health.”

“I enjoy financial abundance and love how money attracts to me.”

“I travel the world and marvel at Mother Nature.”

“I have a loving soulmate.”

Make them personal, specific, and compelling with the affirmation-related tips on the internet or in any Law of Attraction book. Specify the name of the person you want to manifest or the amount or the specific job position you want. You cannot be vague as the Universe cannot read your mind. Be specific, and manifest easily.

3. Write it daily as required

You should not write less or more; you should be specific while writing your desires daily as per the 369-manifestation technique. You connect to the universe through writing, and hence, it needs to be as specific as possible. A manifestation journal is recommended, but you need not go fancy about it. Take a paper and pen and begin writing down.

3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night – you need to follow only this ritual and nothing else. While doing this, ensure you are in the right mindset and feel the happiness of your desires getting manifested. If you write in desperation, it will result in more. Similarly, if you write being doubtful, you will receive more doubt from the Universe.

Keep yourself away from unwanted thoughts and self-limiting beliefs and be sure of what you want and not the blockages coming in the way. Just do this for 33-45 days and do not miss a single day.

4. Let the attachment go away

You have done the ritual for consistent 33-45 days. Now, you should not worry about it but have complete faith in the Universe and wait to let it happen. We do not suggest forgetting them or not caring for them enough. It is just that you do not have any negative attachment such as desperation, hurt, worry, or stress towards them. You are free and allowing the Universe to take care of it.

Letting go can be done in several ways. First of all, it should start in mind and then in the physical form. You can meditate and let go of the attachment and related thoughts one by one. It is effective. You can perform the burning ritual in which you will burn all the written desires (affirmations you wrote in the above ritual) and let them go. Do it safely, and you will feel better.

You can even create a small manifestation box. But the key is to be present and not anxious about your desires and wonder whether they will be manifested or not. If you over-think, the Universe will give you more thoughts to think about and not the actual manifestation.

It is hard, we know. But this is a crucial phase as you break the resistance and let the Universe work on its own towards your desires.

The Results of 369-Manifestation Technique

As you have practiced the ritual for 33-45 days or more, you can see the signs soon. It doesn’t happen overnight or suddenly; it takes time, and the Universe will let you know in several ways.

  • You might see the numbers in patterns of ‘1111’ or ‘777,’ or you can see butterflies or puppies everywhere.
  • You can predict a few happenings that you never did so accurately earlier.
  • You will get some new ideas, or your idea will be acknowledged instantly without any resistance.
  • You will experience new energy in your daily routine, or you will observe you are more positive about life.
  • You look happy and radiant and can manifest small desires quickly.

To summarize, the above process is perfect to utilize the 369-manifestation technique effectively. Just be clear and specific and believe in the Universe. You will get sufficient results with this technique, we promise!

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