How to Check Whether Resistance is Stopping You from Manifestation?

Is Resistance Stopping You From Manifestations?

We don’t have it all in our lives. We lack something, crave for it, and then live our life to achieve it. For example, if your career is flourishing and you never experience a dent in your finances, you might be having a loophole in another sector of your life. Maybe, you find it hard to meet a potential life partner, or you want to seek peace of mind. But whatever you try, you don’t seem to fulfil the lack of that thing, and you struggle with it.

You actually experience resistance while manifesting your desires. But how do you know it is resistance and not something else? Well, we have a list of signs of resistance that block you from manifesting your desires. It is okay to feel resistance, but if you don’t recognize and stop it, then you will be simply allowing it to destroy your manifestation process.

Resistance comes in several forms. It is a limiting belief, self-doubt, or overwhelming situation. But if you convince yourself that resistance is not a totally terrible thing and you can benefit from it, you can manifest your desires quickly. So let us get to the basics first and then cover the signs.

What is Resistance?

Resistance is the inner conflict or friction that stops you from manifesting your desires and elevating your vibrations. The resistance is always in conflict with your desires, and they do not let you accomplish any goals. There is a genuine inner voice that tells us that we won’t be able to achieve this or the goal is too difficult, or we are not good enough.

For instance, you have an undying desire to travel the world and become a digital nomad, but you are scared of your family members’ health. You want to manifest richness, but you think that if you become rich, you will become ruthless.

Or maybe you have implemented all the manifestation routines diligently, and there is no final outcome, and now you worry, “Hey, does it even work, or am I simply doing it for no reason?” All these thoughts hold you back and make you take the backseat and stop believing in yourself or the Law of Attraction itself.

Resistance holds you back and does not let you move ahead. Let us understand the signs now.

5 Signs that Show Resistance is Holding You Back from Manifestation

1. You cannot believe in the Universe

Have you thought of becoming a famous actor or a personality? What did you think of your desires? Did you just leave them aside, or did you actually believe in your aspirations? If you did the former thing, perhaps you do not believe in yourself and your abilities. Lack of belief or faith happens when there has been some childhood conditioning.

For instance, if your parents never believed in you, you will likely not believe in yourself and the Universe. It is not right to say that your family or the overall society is cruel; it can happen to anyone. But you need to restore your beliefs and have more faith in the Universe. Only then can you dream of becoming a superstar or a sportsperson. You need to restore faith, and it comes by having faith in yourself first.

2. You think that the results are not within your control or just leave it to destiny

You don’t ask for the Universe, you beg for your goals, or you plead for it. You think that if you beg badly, it will imply that you have faith in them. However, in reality, there is no requirement for the begging mentality or leaving it to destiny as you are the controller of your mindset and life.

This mentality arises if you think that the Universe or the spirit guide is superior to you and you are the one asking for it. Well, we are all parts of the divine, and we are equal. Yes, the Universe is just like you and not some kind of genie or a superior person. So, do not think that destiny is the controller, and you cannot do anything but beg or simply sit and watch all the things happening around you. All these emotions come due to the feeling of lack, and it is not at all recommended.

Hence, we suggest you take control of your life and stop being someone who begs or pleads for things from the Universe. You believe, and you will be given.

3. You have conflict in your mind regarding manifestations

Is there a conflict between your heart and head? You cannot decide which option to choose. You think both sides of the coin are good, or the grass is greener on both sides. For instance, if you are manifesting a loving relationship, you might think that being single is cool and more liberating.

This is nothing but resistance. You can overcome this situation by visualizing your life in both options and identifying any feelings of distress. Accordingly, you can work on those thoughts and decide which one is exactly your manifestation.

4. You feel desperate for the goal

Just like begging leads to blockage in manifestation, desperation also results in failure of the manifestation techniques. Generally, one finds the Law of Attraction when they are in dire need of something and have tried their best to achieve it. They know that the solution is in this unique theory, and can do anything to implement it. The problem arises when your problem is in the stage of desperation and not just a want.

If you manifest with desperate feelings, there will be a conflict of interest. Desperation doesn’t resolve any feelings; it creates more desperation. Despair is not easy to overcome; it will take months as it is deep-rooted in your mind. You want the desire to be accomplished at all costs. You might stop the process, and suddenly, your desire gets manifested. Hey, there is no such thing as reverse manifestation; it is just that your manifestation was on the way, but you were too desperate to notice around you.

You need to let go of the desperation and not the desire. Once you understand this, you can identify the resistance and overcome it.

5. You don’t take action

Lastly, resistance occurs when you stop taking action and simply implement the manifestation techniques. You need to understand and recognize the inspired action from the Universe. You need to go with the inner flow and thank the Universe accordingly.

For example, you might come out with a creative idea out of nowhere? But you do not believe that the Universe has sent you this idea. If you do this often, you will not express gratitude and not recognize the inspired action and other guidance from the Universe. You need to accept that hard work is not the key to success, but deep faith and inspired action are.

So, do not resist the inner flow; accept and recognize your inner guidance system and take action according to the Universal signs and guidance. As you go with the flow, you build momentum, and your goals start taking shape into reality.

Resistance: The not-so-bad side

Resistance is not entirely bad. As there is no light without complete darkness, there is no manifestation without a little bit of resistance. Resistance helps us know what we do not want in life and lets us seek more of what we want. So, don’t worry if you are going through resistance now. It will pass soon with a new version of yourself.

To sum it up, identify the signs of resistance as given below and indulge yourself in the manifestation techniques. Let go of the resistance constructively through several methods such as being in the moment, meditation, reading, enjoying the company of good friends, and so on.

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